Jade Stone

Jade Stone: It's More Than Just A Jewellery Setting

Often, you might have seen people wearing different colored crystals or stones on rings or other ornaments. If you ask them about it, they’ll tell you how their zodiac signs are associated with that particular gemstone and how it helps with their anger issues or maybe health problems. Well, it is a traditional belief that different crystals harness their energies, providing you different benefits.

Jadee is also one such crystal. Jade is a 12th Anniversary gemstone, used in ornaments. 

Jade associations

  • Zodiac- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra
  • Element- Earth
  • Number 11
  • Colors- creamy white, blue, pale green to emerald green, lavender-mauve, and pink

Jadestone, because of its properties, is often referred to as the stone of happiness or good luck. Its use has its roots in the ancient Eastern civilization and has had far-reaching popularity in different parts of the world.

What are the Benefits of Jade Stone?

As we already told you, every crystal or gemstone has its properties and benefits, and so does a jade stone. So, let us talk about them!

Good luck

Jadestone is quite often referred to as the stone of good luck and happiness. Placing a coin in the mouth of a jade fish or a carved frog is considered to be auspicious.


Bt is claimed that jadestone can help better your relationships with others, as well as with yourself. Wearing the stone might encourage certain feelings, which are crucial in relationships, like honesty, self-love, self-acceptance, maturity, etc.

These feelings when residing in us, can naturally boost our relationships and friendships and infuse confidence in us.

Healing properties

Jade stone is believed to possess healing properties, a lot of which depend on the stone’s color.

Jadestone for healing

Let us discuss the stone’s healing properties in some detail.

  • Jadestone is believed to help in reducing anxiety and establishing peace of the mind.
  • Wearing jade stone can infuse a great calmness within one, increasing one’s positivity, the capacity to feel happy, energetic, and healthy.
  • Jadestone can help free you of nightmares and restlessness when worn on a necklace or in your earrings.
  • It boosts the confidence of the person wearing it and infusing a sense of independence within him.
  • Protects the wearer from negativity and harm.
  • It is suggested to help in reducing pain in the muscles and joints of the body and protects from infections and diseases.
  • It is believed that it can help remove harmful toxins from the wearer’s body and also provide great relief from urinary tract infections and cystitis.
  • It is also believed to restore and balance the energy in the reproductive and fertility cycle in men and women. It helps protects the mother and the fetus from external harm, as well as gives relief from menstrual cramps.
  • It is also used to cleanse and balance the seven chakras of the wearer of this stone.

Healing Properties of Jade Stone Associated With its Colors

Green jade

Jade Stone
Jade Stone
  • Chakras: Heart chakra
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Color: Green

Yellow Jade

Jade Stone
Jade Stone

Image courtesy: Tumbled Stone

  • Solar Plexus chakra
  • Yellow color

Yellow jade is said to bring joy and happiness. It also helps with the digestion and elimination systems of the body.

It is also helpful in cheering up and boosting people who lack ambition in life or are suffering from problems like depression.

White Jadestone

  • Crown chakra
  • White color
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
Jade Stone
Jade Stone

White jade protects us from negative energies, and increases our insight, helping us act intuitively. It also helps with arthritis pain, problems with the joints, high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances in the body, etc. 

When meditation practices along with wearing this, it can also help resolve the mind’s confusion and bring calmness.

Blue jade: Blue Jade stone is said to be helpful while meditating since it increases our levels of concentration, and protects the mind from distractions.

Red jade: This one is believed to increase emotional responsiveness in the wearer.

How to Use Jade Stone?

Let’s see what are the different ways you can use jade stone.

Placing it in your physical surroundings

Jade stone can be placed in your workplace surroundings so that it can help you with:

Manifesting goals, support business ventures, and create a positive outlook towards money. It can also be used as a talisman when conducting any financial transactions or deals.


Jadestone can be worn as a piece of jewelry and works great if you wear it near the heart chakra. 

With other crystals

Jade can also be worn along with other crystals, as a part of a chakra crystal combination. This is like a group of different colored crystals that represent the seven main chakras. 

Combining jade with other stones and wearing it can be a good advantage as well, for example, green jade and blue agate when combined balance the energies of the heart and throat, dark jade and earth stones can ground and balance the base chakra, yellow jade worn with carnelian or garnet can activate the sacral chakra.

In all, Jadestone works great with the heart, on both, a physical level by assisting circulation, as well energetically by helping to get through trauma and past wounds to get a better understanding of love and openness. Jade is now a popular stone and has been so for years in many cultures across the globe.

Health remedies, beauty treatments, clearing negative energy, the benefits are widely stretched, as we have already discussed in detail throughout our article. In ancient China, this jade stone was carved into the form of a butterfly and prayed upon to get the wearer a soulmate into his life. Relationships, love and the heart have always been believed to be the strongest areas that the jade stone works on. 

In some cultures it was even believed that jade could bless a person with a few years of immortality and delay the process of decomposition if jade ornaments were placed on or near the deceased.

Hence, you know how the stone has been one popular one among years. We hope this article helps you understand all about the jade stone.

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