Grow Modern Mullet

Mullets Are Making A Comeback : Learn How to Grow a Modern Mullet

In the 2020s various variants of mullet have gained popularity. And why not? Lockdown is the perfect time to experiment with the way one looks. From LGBTQ+ influencers to megastars in the pop industry, mullets have been a crazed haircut for the past couple of years.

Before you go on to decide how to grow a modern mullet, one needs to be aware of the countless variations of the hairstyles. But a major characteristic that makes a mullet 'mullet' is - longer hair in the back and shorter hair in the front. Your hairstyle is not just about aesthetics, although aesthetics play a huge role in deciding on a hairstyle. Every hairstyle speaks of a certain lifestyle and is an expression of your personality. And mullet has been known to be a phenomenon, signifying fun and flamboyance, 'business in the front, party in the back.

The origin of the mullet has always been up for debate. However, the Beastie Boys, with their 1994 song Mullet Head seem to have popularized the name and the concept.

Grow a Modern Mullet
Grow a Modern Mullet

How to Grow a Modern Mullet?

What is a Modern Mullet? Mullet has always meant long in the back and short hair in the front. The Modern Mullet, however, is characterized by lengthy back hair and short side hair, plus a  medium length of the front and top hair. The word 'modern’ in Mullet Haircuts simply refers to the short hair on the sides and medium at the top of the head, so you are free to style it anyhow you, please.

As to how one can go about growing a mullet, it is up to the individual to grow their hair out depending on how defined they want the mullet to be. To grow your hair anywhere between 2 to 6 inches long is optimal. A great guideline is to try and keep 3-4 inches of difference between the front and the back hair.

For a more business casual look that'll work everywhere from professional meetings to a night out in the club, keep the difference between the side and top hair, and the difference between top and back hair minimal. Still maintaining a decent 3 to 4 inches of difference between side hair and long back hair.

How to Grow a Modern Mullet the Modern Way?

The modern mullet takes a lot of length off of the standard mullet. But there's still a lot of room to style it however you like. You could brush or comb it to one side for a sleek, clean look. If long enough, you can comb or gel it back for a more professional look. For a more 90s feel, you can ever get it into spikes, though it's not a trend anymore but still a possibility.

When you consider how to style your modern mullet, you need to be well aware of all the different sorts of stylish modern mullet hairstyles there are. And there are plenty to choose from. Here are 30 Stylish Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men to choose from.

A curled mullet with a tapered temple is a short and subtle mullet. It consists of thick curls hanging just past the ear a bit and gives you a look that passes for a business casual look that can make the ladies swoon. Combine a wavy quiff with a short mullet for a retro-meets-modern look. This too is a great choice if you want to have a subtler variation of mullet. 

Even if you want to go for a classic, well-defined mullet, this is the best age to do so. We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving drastically. Changes in physical appearance and choices people make that don't fit into society's norms have never been talked about and accepted on the scale that they have been today. Length and growth being the foremost thing, we have a few herbs that may help increase hair growth.

With work from home culture gaining precedence, now is the time to experiment with a mullet if you wish to but have stopped yourself for the fear of acceptance.

Maintenance of Mullet Haircuts

Mullets are controversial haircuts. Short in the front, long in the back, and medium at the top - modern mullet is trendy because it is versatile and easy to maintain. Though the mullet haircut is all about maintenance and grooming in a way, apart from a little trimming from time to time it looks good on its own with little to no styling at all.

For those who have curly or wavy hair, you need stylists to keep the shape in check. When your hair grows out a bit, it won't even be noticeable as the sides easily blend in with the overall length of the cut.

Just make sure to not go too long without trim and you have a haircut that will make you look good without much effort and thought put into it daily. It makes you look great even when you are freshly out of bed with messiness all over you. And that is the sign of a good haircut all along.

Without having to spend loads of money every time you visit a stylist, mullets are a low-maintenance fashion hairstyle that gives you a classy and bold look through and through.

Bottom line

From a macho man to a sensitive chocolate boy look, mullets can make you look however you wish to appear. And with the sheer number of variations in the haircut, there's one for every face shape and type. Before figuring out How to Grow a Modern Mullet, just make sure about the kind of modern mullet you wish to choose and the way you wish to look with the haircut. A teenager expressing his rebellion or a macho lover that's easy-going in life, or an alpha businessman who knows exactly where he is headed. There's a different style of mullet that can be a perfect expression of who you are and how you feel.

To be able to do that with a low-maintenance cut that consumes little time, and also makes you look classy and trendy at the same time. That's the ultimate haircut you should go for. And that's probably why Modern Mullet has been making such a comeback.