Luke Coutinho’s 7 Amazing Lifestyle Habits To Live A Holistic Life!

Neither a self-professed Guru nor a God, Luke Coutinho is a practitioner in the field of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching, who has transformed thousands of lives through his wisdom. He believes in the adage, ‘Health is Wealth’, more than anybody else, and his belief is often reflected in the people he has helped and transformed through his way of living life and insight.

So, here are some of the most effective and insightful lifestyle habits of Luke Coutinho that will not just change your life, but make it bigger, better, and wiser.

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7 Ancient Lifestyle Habits That You Must Start From Now For Holistic Living

With the advancement of time, people have sort of left the old customs and traditions on the way and welcomed the new. The new is the modern technology you use today and it is a westernized way of living life. There is nothing wrong with this way of life, there is comfort and exhilaration in what you do today.

However, there is no second opinion in the fact that the comfort the technology and today’s world provides has also hindered us from reviving the customs and traditions of the old times that were extremely beneficial.

This makes people more dependent on today’s medicines and technological ways of dealing with problems that are more or less associated with your body. People have become increasingly dependent on allopathy and forgot to consume the natural foods which can remove the ailments in the first place.

So, to bring those customs back, Luke Coutinho lists out some of the effective lifestyle habits that will change your life:

1. Bless your food

According to Luke Coutinho, blessing the food is one of the life-changing habits. When you bless your food by a gratitude prayer, you acknowledge how blessed you are to be eating this food. This act has nothing to do with religion.

You can start your meal by blessing it to be healthy, nourishing, revitalizing, followed by a gratitude prayer, and then eat a meal. End your meal with another gratitude prayer. Doing this will help you change the energy of the food and manifest the positive energy inside you.

2. No shoes inside your homes 

Luke Coutinho
Luke Coutinho

Although this is a very basic thing to be mentioned, many fall short of following it and wear their shoes inside their rooms and even while sleeping on their beds. Your shoes carry the dirt, bacteria, and germs of the places you have traveled throughout the day.

Once you wear them inside your homes and your rooms, the bacteria and germs are in your house. Consequently, this increases the chances of acquiring diseases and falling sick. To prevent such a situation, place a shoe rack outside your house and save a pair of slippers that you can wear only inside your home.

3. Pay full attention while eating your meals 

More often than not, people are habituated to watching television or mobile phones while eating their meals. When your mind is distracted, whatever you eat will not be digested properly. When you pay full attention while eating, even if it is just for 15 to 20 minutes, your food will be digested and it will provide you with the nourishment and energy you need to carry out the physical activities.

4. Eat with your hands 

When it comes to consuming your meals, people use spoons, forks, and various other kitchen utensils. Mostly, it is because they feel eating with hands makes them look orthodox and is quite embarrassing to do that especially when you invite guests over to your house.

However, there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about eating with your hands. On the contrary, when you eat with your hands, you connect with food through all your senses. Resultantly, you become more aware of what you are putting inside your stomach and the whole process of eating becomes more satisfying.

Luke Coutinho
Luke Coutinho

5. Sit down while eating your meal

When you eat your meals, it is advisable to consume them while sitting on the floor. Consuming your meal while standing can cause various digestive issues. This is because when you are standing the blood flow in your body is redirected and instead of reaching your digestive system, it reaches your extremities.

If you are not able to have all the meals on the floor, make sure that you have at least one meal on the floor. When you are sitting on the floor, you feel safer, secure and the position is good for your pancreases which help in the production of insulin. Consequently, the proper breakdown of the food you consumed is ensured.

6. Do not forget to get some vitamin D

Issues like hair fall, dull skin, hormonal imbalance, lack of bone density that people encounter in their daily lives are caused by one single problem. Lack of exposure to natural sunlight. When your body does not get enough sunlight, there is a dearth of vitamin D in your body which is an extremely necessary vitamin.

Just wake up early in the morning and get the natural sunlight for approximately 10-15 minutes and it will work just fine.

7. Use earthenware for cooking 

Luke Coutinho
Luke Coutinho

When you cook the food in earthenware, the nutrients of the food are easily retained, the food is alkaline and the heat is distributed evenly. Although using coated ceramic wares and non-stick utensils is easy, the benefits of rustic earthenware surpass the benefits of the former.

These are some of the amazing and effective lifestyle habits propagated by Luke Coutinho which resonate with the lifestyle habits and traditions of the ancestors. One of the best conclusions one can draw from his lifestyle habits is that one should always remember their roots and if not all, at least some of them should be continued in our lifestyle because they were practiced for some reason.

Modernized and westernized ways of living are not bad, but they shouldn’t subjugate you to such an extent that you become dependent on their ways. Live a minimalistic life, enjoy its simplicity and keep yourself healthy and clean. That’s all you need in life.

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