mutual masturbation

Mutual Masturbation: 3 Ways To Enjoy Solo Play With Your Partner!

Sex is one of the most intimate things that can bring you and your partner closer. But what else is intimate? Mutual masturbation. For the innocent souls who don’t know what mutual masturbation, it is an act of masturbating yourselves together or having hand sex with one another. More often than not, people masturbate when they are alone in their bedrooms. However, when you masturbate with your partner you are doing one of the bravest things where you feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

Once you do this, you will realize that there are so many positive effects of it. First, while masturbating in front of your partner, you let your partner know what is good for you, which is your pleasure spot, and what you like in bed. Secondly, you also have the freedom to use sex toys to spice things up in bed. And last but not the least, the pleasure you will experience by masturbating in front of your partner who is also masturbating will be something entirely different. So, if you haven’t tried this already, we highly recommend this to light sparkle in your relationship and sex life.

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3 Ways of Mutual Masturbation

You can try couple mutual masturbation when you are on a phone call with your partner, a video call, and who’s stopping you guys from doing it face-to-face if it is possible for you and fortune is in your favor?

Mutual Masturbation: Face-to-Face

If you are doing it face-to-face in a bedroom for the first time, here are some mutual masturbation positions that you can consider:

  • Side-to-side: If you are trying this for the first time, this position is the best for you guys. For this position, you need to lie side-by-side and just do your thing. Whenever you guys are ready, you can turn around and look into each other’s eyes, as eye contact is extremely necessary to spice things up.
  • Missionary masturbation: In this position, one of the partners will be lying on their back whereas the other will be on top, similar to a missionary position. The person on top can either straddle the other or kneel between their legs while you guys pleasure yourselves. This is one of the most intimate mutual masturbation positions which can wonder for you and your partner.
  • Face-off: For this position, you need to face your partner by sitting in front of each other with your legs spread and do what you do best. This is the best position to get a full turn on and experience an orgasm that will make you feel as if you are in paradise.

Pro tip: While you guys are masturbating yourselves, you can suck your finger or the fingers of your partner in between just to escalate your experience. If you are up for the side-to-side position, you can just drape your leg over your partner’s to stay connected.

mutual masturbation
mutual masturbation

Mutual Masturbation: Video Call

Taking into consideration the present scenario where a pandemic has made walking out of our houses impossible, we owe technology a big one. So, why not honor it with a very sexy video session with your partner and enjoy yourselves for a bit. 

Here are some positions to consider when you are masturbating on a video call with your partner:

  • Just sit and video call: This is one of the most basic positions for mutual masturbation. You just need to sit in a way that your partner can see your whole body or at least the parts that are in the play. Lean against your pillows for support and do your thing.
  • Kneel: Kneeling on your bed or your floor while masturbating is one of the hottest things you can do on camera. So, just kneel and use your entire body to do the talking. You can even use pillows or bed posts for support.
  • Stand straight: This position works when you have a busy schedule but you are horny enough to masturbate with your partner just to get a quick turn on. For this position, you need to stand straight and hold the camera at a higher angle so your partner can see your entire body. One of the major benefits of this position is that you have the freedom to move around.

Pro tip: For an extremely intimate and hot video sesh, you can place the phone on the bed or floor and masturbate over it. You might have to sanitize your phone after that, though. If you are unsure of this one, then you can make this hotter by using a sex toy such as a vibrator.

Mutual Masturbation: On a Phone Call

Imagine what will happen if you are masturbating on a video call with your partner and things have just begun to simmer between you two and bam, a data connection is lost. Sad, right? Well, to rectify that, you can have a mutual masturbation sesh on a phone call with your partner. Just make sure that wherever you are, your phone receives enough network. That’s all you need for this one. And yes do not forget to charge it.

After prepping your phone up with all the requirements, check out these positions:

  • Do squats: Yes, you read it right. This is not a fitness tip to practice, but a real masturbation technique when you are doing it on the phone. For this one, you can take the support of a wall so that your quad muscles do not get too worked up.
  • Dry humping: For those who don’t know, dry humping is the act of rubbing your genitalia on an object. However, make sure that you do not rub your genitals on hard surfaces. You can use the edge of a mattress, a pillow, sofa, or even a soft toy.

Pro tip: For a better experience, you and your partner can use an app-controlled sex toy that will help you control from afar. These are some of the mutual masturbation positions that you can keep in mind when you just want to fulfill all your sexual desires with your partner.

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