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One Stop Solution To End Your Struggle With Patchy Beard!

Every man desires to have a full luscious beard. However, it is observed that most men have a few patches in their beards. Men are not fond of patchy beards and if they have it, the first solution they look for is fixing a patchy beard. 

Why do men have a Patchy Beard?

Before we go on to discuss how to fix patchy beard, let us also discuss what are some possible reasons behind you having a patch in your beard because before moving on to the solutions of fixing a patchy beard, we must look at the reasons behind that. 

1. Genetics

Genetics is one most common factor behind you having a full/patchy beard. You are most likely to inherit body traits from your ancestors, and that doesn’t spare your beard either. 

2. Hormone imbalance

A decrease in the level of body hormones like testosterone might also be one major reason behind an irregular beard growth or a patchy beard in some men.

3. Diet

Your diet, the extra stress you take and the unhealthy lifestyle you lead, all of them affect your body in numerous ways, including your hair growth.

Solution To Fix Patchy Beard

These are some major reasons that form the greater part of irregular hair growth. Some other factors also include some illnesses like alopecia etc. Yes, you can fix patchy beard. Here’s how. Now that we know the reasons that contribute the highest to a patchy beard, let us also discuss some ways on how to fix a patchy beard. 

1. Nothing happens in the wink of a moment

Well if you were expecting that your first ever beard is going to be a full one with no patches at all, let us tell you that your expectations were quite unrealistic. If you’ve just started to grow your beard and you are experiencing patches, it is absolutely alright and almost everybody has a few beard patches in the beginning.

If you’re planning on going clean shaved because of those few patches you have in your beard, we would suggest you wait and give it time. Everyone doesn’t mature at the same rate, and different men might take different times to grow a full beard. So, being discouraged because your friend got a full beard and you didn’t shouldn’t be how it works. Moreover, it is 100 per cent natural to have one or two patches in your beards. Having a luscious beard naturally, covering all your cheeks, chin and neck, is highly rare. Some patches are beautiful.

Patchy Beard
Patchy Beard

2. Regular grooming is a must

It is important to brush your beard regularly, just like you brush the hair on your head. Brushing increases the rate of circulation of blood in the skin beneath your beard, which escalates the process of hair growth. Apart from that, brushing also makes your beard hair look voluminous and you can always use a beard brush to brush your beard hair and keep them tamed and decent. 

3. Beard balms

A lot of men also use beard balms for styling their beards. Balms do not help in hair growth, however, they do help in styling giving the beard a magnificent look. Beard shampoos are also quite common among men and rightly so. Using regular shampoos on your beards might prove to be a disaster sometimes and make your beard hair rough.  However, we do not advise to apply shampoos daily because it might dry out your beard hair.

4. Beard oils

Beard oils enhance hair growth and treat your hair follicles well.  They give a deep cleanse to your skin and clear dead skin cells that might be preventing hair growth.

5. Diet

A well-balanced diet is a solution to most of the problems in your body. Proper nutrition is a key factor in filling out the bald spots in your beard. 

  • Protein is one thing that can greatly help you in fixing a patchy beard since it contains keratin made up of amino acids, highly essential for your body.
  • Vitamins C and E that can be found in spinach or citrus fruits etc. produce sebum. Sebum is the body’s natural oil that acts as a moisturizer and lubricant for the skin and helps to fix problems related to a patchy beard.
Patchy Beard
Patchy Beard
  • Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene help in repairing skin tissues and you can consume them through supplements like carrots, egg yolks, spinach etc.
  • Biotin, Vitamins B6 and B12 also promote hair growth by preventing hair loss caused due to stress.
  • Most importantly, drinking enough water can’t be stressed enough. A perfectly hydrated body produces adequate moisture that helps in hair growth and hence, in fixing a patchy beard.

6. Exercise

Let us quickly explain how exercise and beard growth are interrelated. Well,  exercising increases your blood flow in the body which aids in improving hair growth. Working out also boosts metabolism and improves the entire process of repairing dead skin cells in the body. You can also seek out experts to find what exercises can be good for facial hair growth. So, start exercising, if you don’t already. Believe us, keeping your body fit is one thing that stands out in almost all aspects and can be clearly seen.

7. Sleep and don’t stress over everything

A good amount of rest and a stress-free life are two underrated things that can make your life better by great numbers. These things affect your hormonal balance in the body, which directly affects your growth, including the ones on your beard. Reduce the stress in your life, meditating for a while and giving more time to things you love to do are bound to change your life in ways you don’t even know about.

8. Beard implants

If no natural methods work you, you might as well be interested in artificial procedures like a beard implant. You can check out about beard implants and do your own research to find out whether this is what you want.

These are some tips from us for fixing a patchy beard. Remember it’s always in your hands to give your body the love it needs, and it’s gonna show up in every part of your body, from your tummy to your beard. So, let’s start by picking up healthy habits that we’ve known to be beneficial for us for ages, but haven’t tried them out ever. This is the time to start and get fruitful results on your patchy beard. We hope this helps!

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