Mirror Selfie

How To Capture The Perfect Mirror Selfie?

Selfies have now become an important part of life. No matter where you go, you will always find people taking selfies in restaurant, swimming pool, hotels, beaches and updating it on social media.

More often than not, people have associated this action of taking mirror selfies generally with women, thinking they have more choices for poses. However, when it comes to men, they are required to take more ‘masculine selfies’ which is very wrong. There are a plethora of ways where you can show your masculinity and debonair features if you know how to take a perfect mirror selfie.

So, don’t worry guys, here are some wonderful and creative ways where you can take a perfect mirror selfie and upload it on your social media without thinking twice.

However, before we begin explaining a litany of poses that you can make do with your mirror, here are some tips before you set out to take a selfie. It is necessary to follow the.

Tips To Follow While Capturing A Mirror Selfie

Here are some tips to capture the best mirror selfie. 

  • This tip couldn’t be stressed more. Make sure you have enough lighting on your face but not too much which can make you look like a vampire.
  • Wear something that fits you and makes you feel comfortable. The more discomforting your clothes are, the worse will be your self as it will be portrayed on the camera. Remember, the camera captures everything. So, wear something different and unique which makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Make sure you have something interesting in the background with you as well, like the current books you have been reading or your tech.
  • If you are taking a full-length selfie, make sure that you can find a stable position for your mirror. Once you find it, you will be able to move freely and experiment with different angles. More often than not, while taking a full-length selfie, standing towards the left or right highlights your body.
  • While taking a mirror selfie, make sure you extend your neck a bit forward and angle your camera a little above. This will help you in highlighting your face and neck.
  • Now, this one of the most common and obvious tips which are mostly overlooked. Keep your phone and your mirror clean. A besmirched mirror will ruin your selfie, no matter how hot and dashing you look. Unless you want to vibe off a dusty aesthetic look, a dirty mirror or phone camera won’t get you anywhere.

How To Take Mirror Selfies?

Now, that we are clear of the fundamentals of a mirror selfie, here are some poses for taking perfect mirror selfie poses for men.

1. Shoot With Your Chest Up

While taking a mirror selfie, the angle is everything. If you want to capture a photo, highlighting your lean long legs or recently worked-out body, you can keep your phone in the middle of your torso and angle your camera in such a way that it highlights your lower body, making you look longer.

Mirror Selfie
Mirror Selfie

Capturing a photo from the upper portion of your stomach and tilting your camera bit, will help you create an illusion that your body is like a male model.

2. Find A Way to Show-Off That Sexy Jawline

Now, you might be wondering, what if you don’t have a sexy jawline? No worries, you can always jut your chin out and the camera will do the rest of the work for you. Have a poker face for this type of mirror selfie, jut your chin out and tilt your head a little towards the opposite side of where you have posted the camera.

This explanation might seem a bit complicated to you, but when you will follow this step by step, it will seem way easier to you. While flexing your jawline, you can always go shirtless and show off your worked out abs, provided if you have any.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your True Self

If your bed is directly in front of the mirror or angled in such a way that it reflects your bed, you couldn’t be more grateful to the designer, because this pose asks you to be a little messy. 

When you wake up in the morning, resist your urge to make your bed and grab your phone instead. I know it sounds like we are being a bad influence on you, but you can thank us later when you capture the perfect messy picture.You can angle your camera in front of your face and wave at it or play with your hair. Do anything but just don’t be the one who is begging for likes. Just be your casual and natural self.

4. Cover Your Face

Now, this might seem extremely contradictory to the point that we made before, but this is also extremely helpful especially when you have dark circles or are just not in the mood of showing your face to the world.

Mirror Selfie
Mirror Selfie

You can just sit in front of your mirror, cover your face with your camera and click the button. This pose is one of the best mirror selfies poses for men as it does not require you to plaster your face with any kind of emotion you are not feeling in the moment.                                                                                       

5. Flaunt Your Chiseled Side Face

Who said that you need to keep your whole face in the selfie? You can just flaunt your side face in the mirror and let the world beg for the rest. If you have been working out with your face, you can certainly flex that chiseled jawline by jutting your chin out as mentioned in the above-mentioned point.

6. Be In The Moment

Now, this is more of a tip than a pose for taking mirror selfies. So, if you feel good about something, be it your career, your body, your face, or just your life, just don’t enjoy it. Take a moment and grab your camera and capture it. 

Mirror Selfie
Mirror Selfie

This selfie will be stored as a memory of you enjoying the moment right there and then (if you take a backup :P). It will also be a moment to fall back upon whenever you are feeling down in life.

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