Protect Hair From Damage In Holi

Add Color Without Fear: Learn How To Protect Hair From Damage In Holi

In school, one way of flexing your Holi celebration was the pink scalp that often became the mark of rebels. However, now that you have grown up, you would not want your boss or other superiors to see your pink scalp especially when you are giving a professional presentation.

To treat this problem, one needs to protect their hair from all those colours which may or may not contain harmful chemicals. Here’s how you can protect hair from damage in Holi this year and have the time of your life, keeping in mind the precautions of COVID. Those are most important.

Ways To Protect Your Hair From Damage In Holi This Year

Protect Hair From Damage In Holi
Protect Hair From Damage In Holi

Coconut oil in hair

The first step to shield your hair from unwanted chemicals or particles is to take some coconut oil and massage it on your scalp thoroughly. The oil will help you nurture and moisturize your hair and will also help you to close your pores.

This will prevent your scalp from absorbing the colors easily and also help you to take them off very quickly. You can apply coconut oil an hour before you go out for the celebration of Holi. However, if you do not like coconut oil, you can use other oils such as castor oil or rosemary-based oil. You can also add lemon drops to your scalp if it is sensitive. It will help you to keep your toxins at bay as it helps in restoring the chemical balance of your scalp.

To gain maximum benefits, you can soak a towel in hot water and then wrap it around your head. This helps in the quick and easy absorption of oil in your scalp and ameliorates the quality of your hair.

Cover your head

No matter how thoroughly you wash your hair after playing Holi, you will suffer from some kind of hair damage such as dryness and split ends. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a baseball cap or protect your head with some kind of cloth such as a headscarf which can affect your hair as little as possible.

If you are wearing a cap, make sure that you choose a dark colored one as it can render a plethora of benefits to you.

Shampoo and conditioner

More often than not, people tend to use a lot of pressure and energy to remove all kinds of colors from their hair. In this process, they often tend to scrap their scalp, which leads to the formation of flakes on their scalp.

To prevent this, one needs to use a shampoo and allow it to be there for one minute or so. This will help you to efficiently get rid of all the colors, dirt, and unwanted impurities. After applying the shampoo, use a conditioner on your hair strands and allow it to remain on your head for about two to five minutes. Conditioner always helps in moisturizing and nurturing your hair.

Make sure that the shampoo that you are using is of good quality. If possible, always use herbal shampoo and a mild conditioner as it won’t have any adverse effects on your hair. If you want, then you can also add two to three drops of lemon in lukewarm water and rinse it off for the last go.

To get rid of the colors quickly, make sure that as soon as you are done playing with colours, you wash your hair in plain water. This will help you to prevent the colors from seeping into your head for a longer period.

You don’t need to get rid of all the colors in just one wash. You might have to oil your hair every day and wash them the next day. Keep on repeating this process until the colors are off your head.

Now that you know how to take care of the hair on your head while celebrating Holi, let us discuss how you can do the same for your beard hair.

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How To Protect Beard Hair From Damage In Holi This Year?

Similar to your hair on the scalp, it is extremely important and necessary to protect your beard hair from colors. The chemicals contained in them can damage your beard growth and also cause damage to the skin underneath it.

Therefore, here are some ways to protect your beard hair from the Holi celebration:

Organic colors

One of the best ways to not only protect your beard hair but also the hair on your head is to use organic color and refrain yourself from using chemical ones. Organic colors are more natural and do not cause any harm to your skin.


It is better to moisturize your skin and your beard before you go out there to play. You can use aloe vera gel as a great moisturizer to protect your skin and beard. This moisturizing process is needed so that the colors do not settle on your skin and it becomes easier to wash off.


Similar to your hair on the scalp, you must also apply some amount of coconut or castor oil so the colors do not stick to your beard. If possible, then you can also use some beard oil to keep it glossy.


It is extremely important to massage the oil in your beard as the beard often sucks the moisture of the skin and leaves it dry and flaky, which could result in beard dandruff. Therefore, massage is important as it helps in allowing the skin to be hydrated.

More often than not, men tend to neglect their skincare regimen and if they do pay attention, they often ignore the importance of their hair. This is quite evidently seen during Holi celebrations when men tend to play without giving care for their hair. Under such circumstances, the harmful particles and chemicals seep inside your head and ruin it, perhaps permanently. This could degrade the quality of your hair and strip them off of its natural oils.

To prevent this, keep these ways to protect hair from damage in Holi this year and the subsequent years as well.  

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