quirofilia or hand fetish

Quirofilia: The Fetish Of Hands

You might have probably heard about foot fetish and chances are you might have also met one with a foot fetish. No matter how common they are, there are a plethora of other weird fetishes ranging from socks to hair. However, one of the most interesting fetishes up until now is the hand fetish. Have you ever heard about it? A hand fetish is called quirofilia which, similar to a foot fetish, is also common among a majority of the population.

If you think about it, then hand fetishism is understandable, as hands play a major role in sexually stimulating your partner while you engage in sexual intercourse. If you know how to correctly use them, you can help your partner reach the climax or even in the solo act, your hands are your only and true companions. However, before we begin explaining the concept of hand kink, let’s understand what is the exact meaning of a fetish because a lot of people have been using the word in an extremely incorrect sense.

What Do You Mean By Fetish?

If you have a sexual fetish for something, it means that you will need that thing for your sexual stimulation. It could be a body part or it could also be an inanimate object such as shoes or lipstick. Be that as it may, many people have misunderstood this basic definition of a fetish and have started using it in daily activities.

For instance, a man who likes belts, in general, says, ‘I have a fetish for belts’. This is wrong. This is not a belt fetish. However, if he likes his partner to wear a belt during sexual intercourse or use a belt in the act, it is called a fetish. More often than not, people develop fetishes of the body parts and less of the inanimate objects we see around us. However, a small percentage of people do have fetishes for inanimate objects and that is completely normal.

The fetishes or the kinks develop in the early childhood years of an individual when a memory associated with the body part or object had imprinted itself in their brain unconsciously.  The memory is often associated with sexual feelings or attraction which later manifests itself in the form of fetishes. Now that we know the basic meaning of fetish, let us know the meaning of hand fetish.

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What is a Hand Fetish?

Hand fetish or Quirofilia is when people are sexually stimulated or aroused with the help of the hands of their sexual partners. Hand fetishes are quite common; men and women both have them, irrespective of their sexuality, race or genes.

Have a Hand Fetish or Quirofilia? Here’s what you can do

After a lot of research and browsing, if you conclude that you have a hand fetish, you need to know that it is completely alright. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing wrong or abnormal in having any kind of fetish be it a hand or foot.


You just need to embrace and accept who you are and love yourself. You do not need to be humiliated or embarrassed by anything, because there is nothing wrong with feeling something completely natural. If you do have a hand fetish, just accept it and think about how you can use it to your advantage the next time you have sexual intercourse with your partner.

You can also search on the internet or see some porn videos to know better about hand fetish and use it successfully. This, indeed, will bring you closer to yourself and will help you know what stimulates you sexually and what does not. Moreover, you can also know in which way you are more aroused by a hand; by spanking or by sensual touching.  

Once you know that this is your fetish, the first thing you can do is communicate with your partner and share with them what you feel about it. Do not hesitate from sharing what you want because more often than not, the partners are willing to provide sexual satisfaction to each other. However, if you want your partner to do something about this, first you will need to ask their consent and if they say no, perhaps it will be better to drop the idea or reach a middle point.

Sharing things like these, can not only make sex fun but also help you and your partner get closer to one another and know each other better. Once you and your partner know what your sexual preferences and fetishes are, maybe, one day, who knows you might get all your sexual fantasies true?

Now that we know that sexual fetishes and kinks are completely normal, you can go ahead and try some of them out with your partner after talking to them. Under normal circumstances, they should not cause any problems or hindrance in experiencing sexual pleasures, but if they do, then perhaps it is best to talk it out with a sex therapist or your friend.

hand kink
hand kink

These people might help you get a better point of view from a high vantage point and help you cross these problems. They might also help you discover other fetishes and work upon them. This will in turn make your sex life more interesting and fun. You will also know about the sexual preferences and kinks of your partner which will bring you closer to each other.

Therefore, you need to understand that be it Quirofilia or any other fetish, you are completely normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Fetishes are common and everyone has them for some or other thing. If you are more confident about yourself and if you love yourself for who you are, you become sexually attractive and everybody moves towards you like a magnet. But first, to be comfortable and to feel comfortable you need to communicate with your partner and share what you feel.

If you want them to do something with their hands, Quirofilia, that can help enhance the sexual stimulation process, you need to ask their consent and then move further. Without their consent, things might seem forced and not that interesting anymore.

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