Hair Removal Options

5 Best Hair Removal Options For Men

Removing hair from a man’s body often leads to misconceptions of a man’s sexuality. Even in this contemporary era, gender bias often manifests in subtle yet deep ways which are hard to ignore. In addition to this, even if a man is willing to remove all the hair from his body, he is often considered to be an athlete, a cyclist or a bodybuilder. This school of thought has been paid a lot of attention by everyone consciously or unconsciously. But not anymore. If you want to opt for hair removal from your body skincare and manscape the situation, just go for it.

Grooming or skincare is not an area reserved for women only. If you do the same, you are not going to lose any of your masculine energy. Sometimes removing hair or even just thinning it out, can make men feel sexier, clean and confident about themselves. So, here are some men’s hair removal options which you can definitely try and see if it works out for you.

How to Remove Body Hair on Men?

Here are 5 best types of hair removal options

1. Laser treatment for hair removal

Laser treatment for hair removal works best on thinning out excessive hair on your back, chest stomach, shoulders and even genital areas. This hair removal treatment is also suitable for those who have light skin but dark hair. However, it may not work best for people who have blond or white hair. In this treatment, laser light is projected on the concerned regions to remove the hair from its roots. However, it does not kill the follicles, which indicates the possibility of slight hair growth in the future. The treatment lasts for 30 minutes or so and the effects are considered to be permanent, only when you include the touch-up treatments annually or biannually.  

2. Waxing

Now, waxing as one of the options for men’s hair removal becomes unimaginable at some point as waxing is very painful. In comparison to women, men generally have thick hair growth on their body which makes waxing a difficult option for them. However, it can work best for eyebrow shaping, legs, underarms, arms and even hair on your neck or ears. The traditional waxing method includes a sticky, thick, honey-based wax which is applied over the skin. On top of it, a cloth is applied which will be pulled off your skin in just a few minutes. However, recently these honey-based waxes are replaced by soy waxes which are similar to cream lotions. These lotions are applied to the skin, which adheres to the hair.

And then you know the rest. In just a few minutes your hair is gone. Waxing can take 10 minutes to half an hour or son depending upon the body areas you want to wax. The results can last up to four to six weeks. Therefore, you have to regularly visit a salon for removing body hair if waxing is your choice. In order to reduce some pain, you can exfoliate the areas where you want to wax with a scrub for removal of dead skin cells. You can also trim your hair to its minimum length so it becomes easier while waxing.    

3. Electrolysis

This treatment for men’s hair removal is relatively time-consuming as extremely slim needles are used to penetrate each individual hair shaft. Next, tiny shocks of electricity are delivered directly to the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is damaged, no hair will grow. Imagine how much time it will consume as each hair will be treated one at a time! However, the results are permanent. It is a guarantee that no hair will grow on your body once you opt for this treatment.  

Due to its time-consuming property and painful nature, it is advisable, to begin with, the tiny areas such as brows or neck. It is also a good option for removing hair from the genitals but may find this treatment painful, especially in this area. If you are beginning with the tiny areas, then the minimum time required is just 10 to 20 minutes. However, if you want to remove hair from all over your body through this treatment, then you would be required to arrange a whole year of weekly treatments.    

4. Back Shavers

Back Shavers
Back Shavers

As the name suggests, this is your ultimate and best option if you want to remove hair from your back, shoulders or buttocks. If you want you can shave your genital hair using this option. However, if you tread very carefully as any cut in this region might lead to other severe complications. The back shavers come in the form of an inch and a half blades along with a foot-long handle. The sharpness of the blades makes it very easy for you to shave your back or shoulders, giving you the feel of gliding down your body.  This method for hair removal takes only 10 or 20 minutes.

Although it sounds easier, it lasts for a couple of days only. Therefore, if you are looking for a long term option then you might want to try other treatments. One of the important tips for shaving is: always shave in the hot water, as it can help in making your hair follicles soft and hair easier to cut. While shaving, always shave in the direction of hair growth, don’t go in the opposite direction.

5. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams
Depilatory Creams

Depilatory or hair removal creams are one of the easiest and quickest men’s hair removal options. You take any hair removal cream and apply it on the areas where you want your hair to be removed. Next, allow the cream to settle for a few minutes or so and then rinse it off with cool water. This is particularly suitable for areas like shoulders, chests, armpits and legs. However, it is advisable to take a tiny patch and try it on your armpits to check if you are allergic to it or not. The results are extremely quick but they don’t last for too long.

As a plethora of chemicals is included in this treatment, it is prudent to read and follow the instructions verbatim. Make sure you do not use these depilatory creams in your genital areas because it might cause some serious allergic reactions. Moreover, don’t forget to apply some moisturizer afterwards otherwise it might cause some rashes or dryness of the skin.

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