Romantic Korean Dramas

9 Romantic Korean Dramas That Will Make You Fall In Love

If you love romantic films and TV shows and have depleted every one of the potential choices on the web, at that point perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to go to K-dramas for a little idealism. Korean TV shows are acquiring global notoriety with their elegantly composed storylines and characters just as a wide scope of range to choose from. 

While there are some splendid secrets and activity spine chillers accessible, it additionally has probably the best romantic dramas around. From epic adventures that length over hundreds of years to relatable relationship investigations, these faint commendable romantic Korean dramas should be on your marathon watch list. 

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Best Romantic Korean Dramas

Here is a list of the 9 best romantic Korean Dramas to watch. 

1. What’s wrong With Secretary Kim (2018) 

In the number one spot, we have a presumptuous and narcissistic Lee Young Joon, the Vice leader of an organization and his steadfast secretary of 9 years, Kim Mi in these romantic Korean dramas mixed with comedy.

As the story moves, Mi chooses to leave to zero in on herself and the clever disarray encompassing it; and how their relationship advances from something other than work. 

2. Healer 

Romantic Korean Dramas

This one is ideal for the activity buffs as it includes probably the slickest battle groupings in K-TV history. The Healer is a rebel specialist who consents to secure Chae Young-shin as she starts researching a since a long time ago covered wrongdoing that has connections to probably the most influential men in the country. 

Acting like a blundering newcomer at the news office, he shadows her around and in the end begins succumbing to her. Watch this one on the off chance that you love a little rush and activity in your romantic dramas. 

3. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

This is perhaps the most well-known romantic Korean dramas ever, clear by it being the fifth most-watched show in the country. The story ranges more than millennia, following Kim Shin, an everlasting troll. Kim was a finished general in the multitude of the youthful lords of the Goryeo Dynasty yet was outlined as a backstabber and slaughtered by the ruler. 

Nonetheless, he was before long reviled to stay godlike forever given the multitude of lives he had taken as a hero. The best way to end his eternality was to age out the lord’s blade with his body, and the solitary individual who could assist him with doing that was his lady. 

In the current day, he lives as a troll who assists individuals with his strange forces. During one such experience, he meets Ji Eun-Tak, who, he finds, is the individual who can help him break the revile. While the romantic tale is sad and sweet, it’s Kim’s hesitant fellowship with his flatmate, the Grim Reaper, that is the feature of the show. 

4. When the Camellia Blooms 

This widely praised romantic drama turned into the most viewed miniseries of the previous year. It rotates around Oh Dong-Baek, a single parent who moves to an unassuming community to open a bar called Camellia. 

She meets the friendly and lively police officer Hwang Yong-Sik, who succumbs to her and starts charming her. Things become harder for Hwang, as the dad of Oh’s kid returns into the scene and starts attempting to win her back. 

5. When The Weather is Fine 

When The Weather is Fine

Park Min-youthful enjoys a reprieve from preppy rom coms to star in this underestimated and smooth romantic drama. Given an eponymous novel, the story follows Mok Have-won, a cello educator who moves back to her little field old neighborhood in the wake of feeling dismissed by the large city. 

She reconnects with her previous schoolmate and neighbor, Im Eun-Seob, who is presently a book shop proprietor. Together, they beat the stuff of their particular pasts and figure out how to trust and cherish one another. 

6. My Love from the Star 

Do Min-join is an outsider who stalled out on earth 400 years prior. He has close wonderful human looks and upgraded actual capacities. Since he never ages, he needs to continue to change his personality throughout the long term. 

In any case, similarly, as he gets a chance to leave the planet and get back to his own, he meets air-headed entertainer Cheon Song-Yi and gets engaged with her insane and capricious life—ultimately experiencing passionate feelings for her. 

7. Dubious Partner 

On the off chance that you love your sentiments to be presented with secret, wrongdoing, and a boss who knows Judo and can kick ass, this romantic Korean dramas certainly for you. Eun Bong-hee is an assistant under investigator Noh-Ji-Wook when she is outlined for the homicide of her ex. 

After she gets absolved, she chooses to sort out who the genuine killer is to demonstrate her innocence. There are startling unexpected developments, a sweet romantic tale, and a common horrible past making the arrangement strongly watchable. 

8. Descendants of the Sun 

Romantic Korean Dramas
Romantic Korean Dramas

Indeed, you understand what they say about fiction being superior to reality right? Relatives of the Sun, also called DOTS, is a 2016 hit drama that brought about the association of the Song several years later. Their split in 2019 came as a stun to many, yet we should not zero in on reality for the time being. 

Yoo Si-jin, chief of the extraordinary powers, and a specialist, Kang Mo-yeon, had a concise experience at an emergency clinic before being activated on a similar abroad peacekeeping mission. 

Falling head over heels in love might be simple, however keeping the relationship going with the clashing idea of their positions – one stacking a weapon to execute foe powers and the other using a surgical tool to save lives – is the thing that they need to survive. 

9. The King: Eternal Monarch 

This isn’t your normal romantic Korean drama. It has equal universes, time travel, and a lost lord. Perhaps the most famous Korean entertainer, Lee Min-ho plays a ruler in an equal universe and rules over the Kingdom of Corea, until he finds an entrance that drives him to our reality. 

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