Sex During Pandemic

Sex During Pandemic? 6 Ways You Can Be Kinky

When the world is going through a pandemic and lockdowns, when breathing in someone’s space can be dangerous, and an infection could even end life, every person is struggling through some of the other problems. The pandemic has taken a toll on someone’s mental health, for others on their career, or their relationships, but it has affected everyone and none of us have been left untouched by it. 

However, one thing that we now have learned is how to make the best use of the present situation instead of whining over it. one very serious concern which comes to mind when we know that social distancing is important, is “What about sex during a pandemic? Is it safe? What if my partner is infected? What are the chances of spread of the infection?”

Well, one interesting thing is that the number of couples that are having babies during this time is huge. And wait, we even have a name for these babies born in the pandemic, “coronials”. 

Is It Safe to Have Sex During a Pandemic?

Now, sexual intercourse requires being very close to each other, while according to the guidelines of the pandemic, you are required to maintain a distance of 2 yards while talking to or being close to any other person. You understand what’s the trouble. 

However, having sex with a stranger or a person you’re not living with and has to travel to get to you too, is quite different from someone you’re quarantining with, like maybe a live-in partner. 

Sex During Pandemic
Sex During Pandemic

Now, this does not mean the chances of live-in partners carrying the virus are nil. It just means that if you’re already sharing a household, or rather, a bed with someone, and that person catches an infection, probabilities indicate that you too would be affected by the virus. Therefore, in our and experts’ opinions, having sex with a live-in partner is okay generally, unless one of you is immunocompromised and the dangers of you catching the virus are higher. In that case, it must be analyzed whether having sex is worth it.

Having sex with someone new: Tips on kissing, touching and sex during pandemic:

Some tips that could work well while having sex with someone new

Having sex with a new person is a risky ball game because if that person is already infected by any chance, you are just increasing your chances by huge numbers.

1. Avoid kissing

Although we are aware that kissing is one of the best things, it is a known fact that this virus can spread through saliva. Hence, kissing might result in the spread of infection, if any of the people are carrying it. 

2. Positions where your faces are at a distance from each other

If your faces are away from each other, your mouths and noses are away from each other which means the sharing space of your breath and your saliva are restricted. This could be one safe idea to have sex. For this purpose, you could go for positions like:

  1. Standing doggy style
  2. Wheelbarrow
  3. Reverse riding on top
  4. Lap dance

3. You look to do it in front of the mirror

The point of sex is intimacy, and positions, where you’re not even facing each other, could be one hurdle in this road. We know you like looking into your partner’s eyes during this time. Oh wait, there is an option for you. Sex before the mirror? Well yes, it would allow you to see your partner and could be a safe option in this pandemic. 

Sex During Pandemic
Sex During Pandemic

4. A video call romp

Well, when the world is going all virtual with zoom meetings and video conferences, why not couples? 

Video sex can be great fun if both of you are comfortable enough with each other. You could tell them things that turn you on, or watch a steamy part of a movie together, show them how to touch yourself and the way you like it. Let them do the same, fantasize things. Sounds fun? Well, why not go try it? 

5. Phone sex

Relationships, where you do not live with your partner, miss that physical touch of their partners. In such situations, there are devices like phone sex that have been here for their rescue long since. Since you’re only getting to hear the other end during phone sex, make sure that you use it in the best way. Use dirty talks, moans, heavy breathing, vibrators, and anything else you prefer to make it fun for both of you. 

6. Masturbate

Sex During Pandemic
Sex During Pandemic

Orgasming could be a healthy thing, more so when you’re isolated or quarantined. 

It can help you reduce stress, boost confidence, and much more. Try out new and different ways of touching yourself, from different sides through different ways, get to know what your body likes, and understand your body better.

One thing you must know is that the coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted virus. However, it is the closeness during sexual intercourse that carries the risks of the spread of infection. Complete avoidance of sex can be, yes, a huge sacrifice, but it is in the best interest of you as well as your partner. We hope you can return to your old normal, fun lives, inclusive of sex, as soon as possible. Here’s to hoping that this time shall pass soon too, and we all shall learn something from it and become a better version of ourselves.

Till then, while we’ve to socially distance ourselves, let us follow all guidelines for everyone’s safety, and why not try out some of the fantastic tips we just gave you. Believe us, they can be fun too! You just need to try them out! So, get on it! These are all the things to know before having sex in a pandemic. We do not want you to get hold of the infection. So, sacrifice it is, eh? Let us keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and protected from the virus. 

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