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Get Groovy: 10 Sex Songs That Should Be Added To Your Bedroom Playlist

Believe it or not, sex can turn boring after a while. You need to add a bit of pizazz to it. One of the best ways to add some spice and zazz to sex is by including some jazz when you are ‘smashing booties’ with your bae.

The musical genre considered best for a sensual sexy playlist is R&B. Other genres such as Metal or even Reggae might be turn-offs. In addition to this, while choosing sex songs for your bedroom playlist, it is preferred to keep in mind their lyrics which need to be related to the mood of the song and your activity. You do not want your speakers blaring the woefulness of heartbreak when you are kissing your bae.

It might be a good way to hint at your girlfriend if you are planning to break up with her and this is your goodbye sex, but perhaps you might want to save the song for the future!

So, if you do not have a go-to bedroom playlist with perfect, sensual sex music, do not worry because we have made browsing and the hard work easier for you. Check out the below-mentioned playlist filled with infallible sex music that will never fail to turn you on.

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10 Sex Songs For Your Bedroom Playlist

Here are the Top 10 sex songs to add to your bedroom playlist:

1. ‘Let’s Get Lost’ By Beck and Bat For Lashes

/Touch me I’m cold/ unable to control

Touch me I’m golden and wild as the wind blows/

Having sex is like getting lost from the external world and having a moment or two where you and your partner experience the ultimate form of intimacy. This romanticized idea of getting lost will add an aesthetic and sensual mood to your sex.

2. ‘Precious Possession’ by Anna Wise

/Come down on me/

/I am your precious possession/

/I’m so delicate/

/I need your protection/

The sensual R&B track has a natural and flirty undertone which works best for the female partner and when she is the dominant one in the relationship. The lyrics alone can be considered to turn you and your partner on, especially in the beginning if you guys like to do a bit of foreplay before jumping to the main part.

3. ‘Smoke (Remix)’ by Yves Tumor ft. Blood Orange and Ian Isaiah

/Balance in my hair, I’m pretty as fuck, ay, ay

Choosing what you wear and getting this far

Tricking on my own time, what is it worth?

Got throat on my neck, neck, shatter your first/

This song has the perfect mixture of artists who give the music its nonchalant and cool vibe that you can play while your main act. The entire track is of a full five minutes which works best when you want to enjoy your foreplay and go slow.

Sex Songs
Sex Songs

4. ‘Little Bit’ by Erika de Casier

/Get a grip, I’ll let this one slide and have you

 All night and give you just a little bit/

Soft and sensual at the same time, ‘Little Bit’ makes you want to enjoy sex a little bit more and compels you to take that extra mile and experiment with some new things in bed. If Erika de Cashier’s voice is not enough to turn you and your partner on, then we do not know what else is!

5. ‘Gladly’ By Tirzah

/All I want is you

 I love you

 Gladly, gladly, gladly

 All I want is you/

The lyrics in the song make you want to give yourself completely to the partner without any kind of hesitation. The singer’s honesty and vulnerability make you open up to your partner and be vulnerable yourself while you are in the act. 

6. ‘High For This’ by Weekend

/Take it off, you want it off

Cause I know what you’re feeling

It’s okay, girl, I feel it too/

The lyrics of ‘High For This’ makes you want to spoon your female partner. Not only that, but this song will turn you and your partner on like no other song.  

7. ‘Ribs’ by Lorde

/‘We can talk it so good

We can make it divine

We can talk about it good

How you wish it would be all the time/

Although this song is not a sex song in the traditional sense of the term, if you or your partner are losing your virginity for the first time, then this is a perfect song. You will always remember your first time, so make it memorable with this one.

8. ‘Bouncing’ by Nick Hakim

/She grabbed my hand and disappeared

 Sinking these thoughts at night

 The scent of you spills through my mind

 I’ve been tryna find 


 ‘Cause I’ve been bouncing off these walls, I can’t sleep /

‘Bouncing’ like the ‘Ribs’ is not a traditional sex song, but it is surely one of the songs to have sex to especially when you and your partner are looking to build an interminable bond and looking towards the future. The track has a soft and ethereal voice that makes you forget about the rest of the world and compels you to stay in the moment.

Sex Songs
Sex Songs

9. ‘Pull’ by Spooky Black

/Lay me down

 Close my eyes

 Send me off into the night

 Baby, i would die for you/

‘Pull’ makes you allow your partner to do all the things to you which you never imagined you would do in your lifetime. You are ready to lay yourself as you are without any hesitation or with any covering whatsoever.

10. ‘I Feel You’ By Depeche Mode

/I feel you, each move you make

 I feel you, each breath you take

 Where angels sing and spread their wings, my love’s on high/

‘I Feel You’ is one of the best sex songs that can help you to make your sex life from mundane to extremely wild and erotic!

Therefore, these are some of the melodious and sensual sex songs that you can add to your sex music playlist to add some spice to your sex life.

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