Shaving Gel Vs Foam Vs Cream Comparison

Which One Is Better: Shaving Gel Vs Foam Vs Cream?

Shaving is one of the most common and regular activities that men indulge in. However, as it is a regular activity, it can also induce certain rashness, dryness or discomfort in your skin. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary to use products that enhance your skin and take care of the same.

Be that as it may, there are a plethora of shaving products in the market which can be the great cause of confusion. And this confusion is often caused among shaving gel, foam and cream? Which one is better: shaving gel vs foam vs cream? Here is a complete guide explaining the difference between shaving gel, foam and cream, along with its benefits:

Shaving Gel

Shaving Gel
Shaving Gel

Shaving gels are lighter in consistency than other shaving products which make them easy to spread on your face. In addition to this, they also create more lather than shaving foams or cream. More lather means protection to your skin. Therefore, shaving gels are used more often as they ensure smooth and comfortable shaving.

Shaving gels are generally used during wet shaving to prevent the risk of razor burn, bumps or the ingrown hairs. Gels are most suitable for shaving when you have sensitive skin. Gels are often unscented and have low alcohol content.    

Shaving Foam

Shaving Foam
Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is the most suitable and appropriate choice when you are late for work and you just want to quickly shave your beard. Foam provides you with the instant lather; you don’t have to work it up. They have purely been created in order to ensure convenience.

It comes in a thick but airy consistency, so they are easy to apply on your face. They are non-sticky; therefore razor can be easily glided through your face without causing any cuts. Moreover, there are certain shaving foams which have extra skin protections for healthy skin care.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is one of the most important products out of the shaving products coterie. It can be applied either with a shaving gel or shaving foam. Shaving cream has to be applied before applying gel or foam to ensure that your skin does not go try and smoothen out your hair follicles while shaving.  Therefore, after applying shaving cream to your face, you can easily glide your razor through your skin and comfortably shave your facial hair Not only this, the shaving cream also helps in moisturizing and hydrating your skin, as removing your hair through a razor can leave your skin dry and even cause some rashness.

Shaving cream also creates a protective shield around your skin, which ensures fewer friction and less cuts. Not to mention, the refreshing and soothing feeling that a shaving cream causes. However, one of the major problems associated with shaving creams is its packaging. They come in aerosol cans; aerosol is not good for your skin. It causes extreme dryness.  

Is Shaving Gel better than Shaving Foam?

Canned shaving foams had been back in the 1950s and since then they have always been the staple shaving product in every man’s washroom. Even today, shaving foams are one of the most used shaving products which are not easily irreplaceable.

As you know, shaving foams are not just created out of thin air, but they are the mixture of gases and chemicals which are then canned. The foaming agents largely used here are surfactants, which prevents the percolation of hydrating components to the skin. This explains the post-shave irritation, dryness and discomfort.  Moreover, less expensive foams also contain high alcohol content which is not a companion of your skin care routine.

Now, when it comes to shaving gels, as mentioned earlier they have low alcohol content and also are extremely efficient in protecting your skin by creating a shield. By doing so, your skin does not suffer from premature ageing, dryness or even rashness. In comparison to foam, gel is more efficient and if you have a choice always choose the latter one.

Shaving Gel vs Cream
Shaving Gel vs Cream

Shaving Gel vs Cream

The traditional shaving cream is a combination of water and lather. Therefore, when you apply on the face you have to work it up to lather. And that is the biggest difference between shaving gel and cream. Shaving gels with its light and see-through consistency can be used as it is.  However, unlike shaving gels, they might not be the one for sensitive skin types. Shaving gels are more lubricating and fragrance-free, which are suitable for sensitive skin types. They also help in trimming your facial hair while maintaining the desired style you want, without removing too much.   

On the other hand, it is also believed that shaving cream does not easily clog up your razor, which reduces the chances of nicks or cuts. Nevertheless, shaving gels work best as they take less time and effort with their super-easy gliding motions. Here are some shaving tips which can help you to shave smoothly using any of the above mentioned shaving products: shaving cream, shaving gel or shaving foam:

  • Check your razor. This is one of the most important steps that you need to keep in mind while shaving is to check the blades of your razor. If they are dull or worn out, chances are you might get clogged up or even get a cut, no matter how much lubricating the shaving product is.
  • Use light, gentle strokes. No matter how late you are, always shave gently using light and long strokes. Doing it rapidly might cause skin rashness or even some razor burns. If you are worried that you would get too late, skip the step of shaving completely.
  • Shave with and against the grain. It is the most common myth that you shave in just one direction. Facial hair grows in every direction therefore you can shave with and against the grain. There is no particular rule here especially when it comes to the direction of shaving. Shave in the direction in which you feel most comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer or cream. After shaving with any of the shaving products, it is required to apply a moisturizer or cream to keep your skin smooth and soft. Not doing this, might lead to dry skin problems.

Now that we have mastered the guide on shaving gel vs foam vs cream, along with their merits and demerits, it is essential to choose out of the coterie and be consistent with it. Which one is better for you, involves arbitrary judgments. And to do that, you have to try every product and see which one works out for you.  

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