Ways to Style Smart Casual Men's Sneakers

7 Ways To Style Your Smart Casual Men's Sneakers For Wearing It To Office

Smart casual attire is gaining traction especially in the work environment and replacing the conventional dull formal attire. It helps in accentuating your personality and brings some zest to your appearance. However, rocking a smart casual attire is a little high-risk area. If you do not mix and match the right apparel, you will be gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, this article will help you to style specifically Smart Casual Men's Sneakers along with styling an entire smart casual attire. However, let’s be clear on the term smart casual. 

What is Smart Casual Exactly?

Smart Casual Men's Sneakers
Smart Casual Men's Sneakers

A smart casual dress code often seems to be elusive and vague when in reality it is equally chic and comfortable. It is a blend of basic apparel that has a common aesthetic undertone, resulting in a clean and stylish look. 

Pulling off a smart casual dress might seem insurmountable to you now, but it is not that difficult also. With that said, check out the next part of the article which deals with styling designer shoes for men in a smart casual manner. 

How to Style Smart Casual Men's Sneakers

Here are some ways to style your smart casual men's sneakers:

1. Choose the right kind of sneakers

To rock smart casual attire with your sneakers, you need to buy the right ones. That means no Nike Killshots, or tacky 3D ones or Yeezys, or Chucks. These are too bright to pull off a clean and stylish look. These can go extremely well with good athleisure but not with a smart casual outfit especially if you are planning to wear them to your office. 

Smart Casual Men's Sneakers
Smart Casual Men's Sneakers

Make sure that your sneakers have a clean and plain sole, minimal stitchings, no over-the-top patterns or color designs that can gain unnecessary attention. 

2. Stick to muted colour palette

After you are done choosing the right kind of smart casual sneakers for you, you need to make sure that you choose the ones with muted colors and delicate patterns. This will complement the chic and formal tone of the rest of your attire. 

More often than not, it is best to lay with smoky grey and pale pastels which will look amazing with the entire neutral outfit. If you want, you can also try with white, burnt orange, mustard, and even classic black. However, do make sure that they look stylish and debonair with your OOTD. Otherwise, there is no point in wearing smart casual men’s sneakers. 

3. The key is in the balance

The whole point of a smart casual outfit is it is neither too casual nor too formal. It is a middle point where you have the liberty to work with the best of both worlds. One way to do this is to follow the high/low method. So, if you are wearing jeans which are casual for a work environment, then you can wear something more formal such as a blazer on top of it. 

Another example can be of wearing some smart formal woolen trousers which are paired with long sleeve polo and finished with a jacket. You can pair this outfit with sneakers that can be all white, black, or cognac. This will be one of the best sneakers’ lookbook ideas that will never fail you. 

4. Pair your sneakers with a monochromatic outfit

For those who don’t know, a monochromatic outfit consists of wearing clothes of one color or shades of one color. When you pair smart casual sneakers with this outfit, you are elevating your style and making a fashion statement in your office. Plus, it is easy to dress and does not involve any hassle of blending and matching different shades of color..

These are some of the basic ideas to wear sneakers smartly and casually especially in a work environment. 

Now, what if you can choose the right smart-casual sneakers, following all the above-mentioned tips, but fall short of choosing the right smart-casual base outfit? Well, in that case, you will only be making huge fashion misstep as the entire outfit don’t gel. And remember, a smart casual outfit is all about blending the clothes perfectly well. 

Clothes to Style a Smart Casual Outfit

Here are some of the clothes that you can keep in mind while styling a smart casual outfit:

1. Shirts

To master the smart casual style, always wear a button-down shirt. However, make sure that they have conventional patterns and classic colors. You can choose colors like navy blue, powder blue, and experiment with patterns like tartan and gingham. When it comes to fitting, a slim and well-fitted shirt should be your preference. However, you can also try a loose-fitting button-down and accentuate it with different accessories. 

2. Blazers 

Blazers are another staple to style a smart-casual outfit. They ensure a chic layered look that elevates your entire look. This is only possible when you get the blazer’s material right. In addition, make sure that your blazers are not too formal or heavy. They should be lightweight and exude casual and relaxed vibes. 

3. Jeans and chinos

Well-fitting jeans are the perfect go-to for a smart and casual outfit. However, make sure that they are not too casual or street-like. The best piece of clothing in such cases can be a pair of chinos. They will help in elevating your entire look and not make it too casual. The best colors can be navy, beige, khaki as they are more stylish and unconventional. 

With that said, some influential sneaker brands sell some of the best smart casual sneakers for men such as Nike, Adidas, or Puma. These brands, however, provide sneakers that are skewed towards complimenting a man’s athleisure. For more smart casual men’s sneakers, you can check out some high-end brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, or Valentino. 

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