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Premature Ejaculation or PE was defined by the World Health Organization as a persistent or frequent ejaculation with limited sensation before, on, and promptly after penetration and before the individual wishes to, with little or no voluntary control over it that causes trouble or distress to the sufferer and to his partner.

Every man desires to do well under the sheets and hence the squeeze technique could support you if you wish to stay in bed longer. Now you must be wondering ‘what is squeeze technique?’

What is Squeeze Technique?

Squeeze technique just like start and stop technique is one of a number of techniques suggested by sex therapists among others to aid premature ejaculation. A few men considered it to be effective, but it does not work for everybody as with any sexual exercise. It was developed decades back, by the renowned sex therapist William Masters and Virginia Johnson and is still prescribed for therapy. This technique is probably one of the earliest premature ejaculation exercises that men attempt because it is simple to practice, free and no specialized equipment is required. 

Maintaining the performance duration and a great degree of self-control is a requirement to be learned. This approach will end your issues if you are having problems during your sexual activity such as ejaculation too soon or even before intercourse. Premature ejaculation may often lead to frustration, humiliation or separation. It is all related to what affects it has and this definitely has a toll on a man’s mental well being. 

Squeeze Technique
Squeeze Technique

With lack of any sexual activity for a long time, anxiety or stress will make it much harder for you to perform for an extended period and to satisfy your partner. Many techniques can be performed to overcome premature ejaculation such as masturbating a couple of hours before sex and even the use of a particular form of a long-lasting condom.

While medicines are often commonly accessible in the pharmacies to help with this problem, certain workouts are always the easiest, most reliable way to slow down the ejaculation. Squirting is one such technique, and others involve kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles on  your pelvic floor. 

How to do  Squeeze Technique For Masturbation by yourself?

Sounds promising right? Let’s get you started. Here’s how you can perform the Squeeze Technique For Masturbation by yourself:

  1. Begin the masturbation process by yourself softly until you are upright. You may have to take regular breaks if you feel an urge to orgasm if you have serious PE.
  2. Pay attention to the section that passes down the middle of the penile shaft, the frenulum. Position your forefinger on the heart right below it and put your thumb over the other side of your penis.
  3. Using your thumb and forefinger exert pressure on your frenulum.
  4. Try giving yourself some light practising squeezes. Subsequently, you must work out how hard you ought to  squeeze to avoid the ejaculation flow, but do not forget to  stop immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain.
  5. Continue giving it a real try at this point.  Normally masturbate until you have the desire to ejaculate.
  6. Stop and hold your hand and grab the penis for about 5 seconds or before the desire to cum wears off.
  7. Pause squeeze technique and the masturbation and wait for about 30 seconds to resume once again.

Repeat the same procedure four to five times: squeeze, pause and resume—before you allow yourself to cum eventually. Do not be discouraged if on the first few attempts you can not completely control your orgasm. Several sessions would possibly be needed to master the technique.

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Uncomfortable/Worried about performing it alone? Here’s how you could do it

  1. Show the accurate placement of the fingers to your lover which you just learned. Make sure you let your partner get a comfortable position to place their hand.
  2. Be mindful that during masturbation, they might grasp the frenulum in a  different manner and that is all right for instance, they’ll probably put the thumb on the frenulum and the forefinger behind it which is alright.
  3. Demonstrate to your lover how much force they have to put on the training session based on what you have learned by doing it yourself.
  4. Please allow your partner to exert the correct amount of pressure and place your hands in the right position.
  5. Establish a signal, maybe an expression, gesture or word, that you would use to signal that you are about to climax and that the technique is started.
  6. Begin your standard sexual routine after you have taken these measures. Signal your partner when you get close to the tipping point.
  7. Stop the process  to let the partner perform the technique. Wait 30 seconds before continuing the stimulation to make sure that the impulse goes out.

Conduct the procedure four or five times until you can finally ejaculate. Be mindful of your partner’s pleasure level and ensure he or she achieves sexual satisfaction. 

There are a number of options available to explore when it comes to handling premature ejaculation. The squeeze technique just like stop and start technique is a comparatively fast and simple way to get better control of your ejaculation, but might not be the way forward. 

Squeeze Technique
Squeeze Technique

Some men might find the technique unpleasant and awkward while it perfectly suits only for some. The ideal approach is perhaps to try the technique when masturbating and then implement it with your partner. It would make the procedure more straightforward and you will know exactly how much pressure your partner has to exert on your penis to make sure that the technique works. remember that with practice you could one day become perfect. 

However, there’s no need to worry if the technique is not working. Premature ejaculation can occur due to multiple biological and psychological factors. A study has revealed that about 40% of men are victims of premature ejaculation. 

The encouraging part is that therapy, drugs, sexual strategies or a combination of the three are easy for recovery and several other methods  like Promescent to contraceptives and assorted workouts are now available to overcome premature ejaculation.

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