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4 Ways To Style Your Favourite Denim Shirt

Men have been wearing t-shirts and shirts for as long as one can remember. Even though they come in uncountable styles, designs, texture and fabric, they have been in the styling game for so long that every new design feels like the regular or the normal one. The introduction of denim shirts in men’s fashion has been a blessing to all of us. Rather than labelling the denim shirt trend as an offshoot of men’s styling, it must be rightly called as the unisex fashion. Denim has always been gender-neutral, unisex piece of clothing that is worn by both sexes for centuries. 

And how did Denim Shirts come into the fashion world? 

An often wondered question is the origin of these denim shirts. Since its inception in the French city of Nîmes, from where they get their name, denim has never been out of fashion. Now the question arises about when did the denim shirts come into the fashion industry? 

Denim Shirts
Denim Shirts

Its origin can be traced back towards the early 90s around 1905, introduced by Levis Strauss in Italy, who later formed the biggest brand of denim, and named it as jeans.  The denim shirts and jackets were worn by the Italian sailors. Later, the denim shirts came to the fashion front when Hollywood adopted and aired it as the staple outfit of the American cowboys. It was through Hollywood cinema that denim shirts gained popularity all over the world and known what they are today. The Americans and the Mexicans found denim shirts for men quite comfortable than other cotton or wool blend shirts for that matter. 

How To Wear Denim Shirts? 

Wondering how to wear and style denim shirts for men? Worry no more, now! Denim shirts are in high demand and are preferred over all other kinds of shirts. Denim shirts have even beaten corduroy shirts for that matter. Available in all designs, textures, thickness, shades and in both formal and informal look, it has been a versatile outfit. 

One can pair it with jeans or joggers and make it ooze out casual vibes, and on the other hand, pairing it with formal suits can make your outfit either into a semi-formal fir for your office meeting or a date night at some sophisticated café or can become the layering item under your formal coat radiating seriousness and hotness and the same time. 

Nevertheless, denim shirts for men are the most versatile and most-picked item for everyday clothing and for wearing at celebratory events. Here is how you can style denim shirts in different unique ways with your outfit. It can either form a secondary part of the outfit or can be the outfit itself. Let us see how. 

  • There is no such thing as too much denim, wear a denim shirt with jeans

The iconic vintage style outfit you most probably want to go for if you are a vintage enthusiast or have an unbridled love for all things denim, then it is a go-to or a must-try style for you. Get yourself a pair of levis jeans, wear a solid muted color t-shirt or if you like prints, go for that one to wear them underneath your denim shirt. 

Denim Shirts
Denim Shirts

If you want to keep the denim shirt open, then wear a printed or solid color shirt underneath and if you prefer keeping the shirt buttoned up, the best is to wear no shirt or a shirt of solid color underneath the denim shirts. Most importantly, the shirt that you are going to pair underneath the denim shirt must be of a lighter fabric as it will not form folds and provide easy movement and a perfect fit for the outfit. 

  • Blazer and denim shirt? Never a bad choice 

Are you thinking of the semi-formal look to go for with your denim shirt? Or are you not a fan of casual outfits? Anyways, this style is made for you. Neither does it fall under being completely formal nor under entirely informal, it is somewhere in between, gives you a look of gentlemen with a tint of playfulness and relaxation. 

Denim Shirts
Denim Shirts

Wear a denim shirt under a blazer with either a casual trouser or formal pants, and you have a perfect date night look. If you need them for summers, pair a linen blazer of light color and it makes it a holiday outfit. 

  • Holiday outfit? Try chinos and denim shirt 

Chinos are better than pants as they come in bright and lively colors. You want to give in to a casual look, but still want to retain some of the formal sophistication, wear a denim shirt over a chino. Chinos are a must-have for all the men as they stand out from the pants and jeans and deviate from the normal dressing of men, the same way denim shirts deviate from the normal and regular shirt styles that men have been wearing. 

Denim Shirts
Denim Shirts

You can even pair it with some cool accessories like a bracelet, wayfarers or spectacles. They are sure to give you a classy feeling. Carry a men’s bag with you too. It will be a cherry on the top. 

  • Stand out from the crowd, wear a denim shirt with a suit

As we talked about it earlier quite briefly about how you can either layer under the outfit or make it an outfit itself. Here comes the layering part of the denim shirt. This is a completely formal style where you style a denim shirt under a suit coat. 

Denim Shirts
Denim Shirts

This is one of the best styles, yet not many people are aware of this style. Not only does it give a serious and an elegant look, but it also makes the person’s dressing sense stand out as unique and personal. With the suit coat, always wear a denim shirt of thin fabric so that it doesn’t disturb the fit of the coat. 

There are still numerous ways to wear denim shirts like wearing it with a pair of joggers to go for some shopping or to the college or over a kurta to give an indo-western look. All you need is to keep styling and experimenting so that you find your own style. Until then, try one of the above and see what suits you more!

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