Goatee Beard Styles

10 Stylish Goatee Beard Styles For Men

Growing a beard is considered to be one of the most stylish and masculine activities for men. The types of beard they maintain, express their personality and perception. Therefore, a man’s beard is not only a mark of fashion but is also an important sign of his personality. However, out of all the beard styles, goatee beard styles have become increasingly popular, especially as men are now following the footsteps of their favorite Marvel Avenger Iron Man, and his goatee beard style.

Apart from making Robert Downey Jr. their inspiration, they have found the goatee as the perfect middle point between a full-grown beard and no beard with a mustache. If you want to grow a goatee, here is a detailed guide from you from what is a goatee to the best goatee beard styles for men.

What are Goatee Beard Styles?

Traditionally, a goatee beard style is growing a beard only on your chin, just like a goat, hence the name. It does not involve growing a mustache. However, with the advancement of time, the goatee beard style has evolved and has produced different variations which are tried by different influential people.

These variations range from developing a goatee with the hair on your chin connecting with the mustache, or the hair on your chair disconnected with the moustache. So, as you can see, with the evolution of this beard style, the mustache has also become eminent in it.

Best Goatee Beard Styles for Men

Here are the 10 best goatee beard styles for men that you can try

1. The classic goatee beard

Goatee Beard Styles
Goatee Beard Styles

This is one of the easiest goatee beard styles to grow and maintain. In this, you are required to shave the rest of your face and grow hair only on your chin. You need not grow a mustache or any other facial hair.

2. The full goatee beard

Now, this is one of the most popular and common goatee beard styles which is often followed by every man. In this, you are required to grow a mustache, which should be connected to the hair on your chin, in a full circle.

3. The strip goatee beard

The Strip goatee is the most modern kind of goatee beard styles, wherein you need to shave your face. There should be no mustache and no hair on your chin, except a thick strip of hair, smaller than the width of your mouth. This strip should be starting from the top of your chin and extending to the bottom of the chin.

4. The Van Dyke goatee beard

Goatee Beard Styles
Goatee Beard Styles

If you have a patchy beard problem or the beard growth is not just as voluminous, this might be the right option for you. In the Van Dyke goatee beard style, you are required to grow a mustache and hair on your chin. However, the key here is to not connect the parts. There should be an empty soul patch visible on the lower part of your face.

5. The anchor goatee beard

The Anchor Goatee beard style is a lot similar to the Van Dyke goatee beard. However, the only difference lies in the type of moustache. In the Van Dyke, the mustache was disconnected from the hair on the chin, whereas in the Anchor, the moustache will extend to the lower part of your jawline. Something similar to what Iron Man had.

6. The chin goatee beard

The chin goatee is a lot similar to the traditional goatee beard. However, in this one, you just have a tuft of hair grown on the centre of your chin.

7. The untrimmed goatee beard

The Untrimmed goatee beard style, as the name suggests, is an untrimmed beard style. This is the most appropriate option for those lazy bums out there who would like to be stylish with no effort at all. In this beard style, you allow your hair to grow on your chin and also grow a mustache. Along with this, you allow the hair on your sides to also grow gradually.

8. Stubble goatee beard

Goatee Beard Styles
Goatee Beard Styles

If you are not a beard person, but you still want to understand the hype of this goatee beard, the stubble goatee beard style is the right option for you. In this, you just have to grow stubble in the style of a traditional goatee that is, allowing the hair to grow on your chin. However, the length of the hair should not be more than the normal stubble that you grow.  

9. Grey goatee beard

If you have surpassed the age of 50 and are not saved from the clutches of greyness that old age heralds, do not think, for once think that you are obliterated from the fashion areas of your life. You can still be fashionable and rock that goatee in your age. The key is to not artificially color your goatee black and just allow it to be grey. Who said you cannot flaunt your old age?

10. Curly goatee beard

Curly goatee beard emanates bohemian and hipster vibes which can be rocked by only a few. If you have curly hair growth, this might be the one for you. In this, you transfer the reins to your curly hair and they will surely take it from there. The key here is to allow the curly goatee beard to gather at the center of your chin and nowhere else. This is a lot similar to the chin goatee beard.

How to Trim and Style your Goatee Beard?

To rock in a goatee beard, you need to understand its essential part, which is styling. Without styling, you will instantly mess up the look and grab the attention of people in the wrong way. One of the most important parts involved in grooming a goatee beard is its edges. Always remember to sharpen its edges, if you want to rock in those goatee beard styles.

To keep your edges sharp, you can use an electric razor. Apart from that, an electric shaver can also work to trim down those edges. Once you are done sharpening your edges which also involves obliterating those split ends, you can also shave or trim the rest of your facial hair, to appear neat and tidy.

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