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Hosting A House Party? Try These Super Fun Ways To Drink Beer!

Beer is one of the most favorite drinks among men and the most popular drink in the world. Some people do not like to drink beer, but they might haven’t found just the right beer for themselves yet. The way people drink beer has evolved and is evolving over the years. In a recent survey, it was found that 62% of men preferred beer as their drink. One major reason for the popularity of beer is the fewer downsides associated with a bad night out, as compared to when consumed with other drinks. Beer lovers feel significantly less aggressive than those drinking spirits, and quite a low percentage feels ill after consuming beer, as compared to other beverages. Let us talk about some common types of beer that everybody enjoys. These are:

Ale: With a higher content of alcohol, this type of beer has a darker appearance and strong flavor. It is also quite bitter than most other types of beer.

Lager: as opposed to Ale, Lager has a lighter appearance and a low alcohol content. It has a sweet, smooth flavor, and is high in sugar content, treated with slow fermentation and cold treatment.

Porter: this type of beer is almost black in color. It is brewed from malt and is partly charred or browned.

What are the Best Ways to Drink Beer?

Here, we will talk about some creative ways in which you and your friends can drink beer and make the entire drinking experience a lot better than usual.

1. Binge Drinking

Making beer drinking a competitive sport, like beer pong, is one creative way you can slurp down that beer bottle. A little bit of excitement is enough to make your experience enthralling.  

drink beer
drink beer

In this, two components stand across each other, with some cups of beer in front of them. Each person has to try to toss a Ping-Pong ball into their opponent’s cups, and every time they succeed, the one who loses has to drink the dirty ball beer. However, different people might play it by different rules, and you can always make it more fun and exciting according to yourself.

2. Flip The Cup

This is a team-based beer drinking game. One person drinks a cup of beer and flips the cup facedown on the table, and the next person in the team starts drinking. Whichever team finishes all the drinks first, wins the game.

ways to drink beer
ways to drink beer

3. Shotgunning

Shotgunning is one fun and really common way of drinking beer at parties. What you need to do is punch a hole in the side of the beer can, near the bottom, place your mouth over the hole and pull the tab to open the top. Most of the beer quickly drains, and you can consume the rest. Canned beer is anyway awful, so we wouldn’t mind much here.

4. Beer Shower

A beer shower first originated in the Swedish Craft Brewery, is one of the best ways to enhance that beer drinking experience. It refers to a brew taken in the shower, generally to save time or to relax after a long, awful, tiring day of work. Your relaxed brain during this time releases a good amount of dopamine and assists your creative juices. This extra release of dopamine from the shower can help reduce the daily stress, to great extents.

5. Keg Stand

For all adventurous beer drinkers, here’s your game. This is a drinking activity where one person does a handstand on a keg of beer, while attempting to drink the beer for as long as possible, and as much as possible.  The others surrounding the person hold the person’s legs, and one person holds the keg tap in his mouth.  This game definitely sounds a little adventurous as well as risky, and rightly so. Vomiting and blackouts are almost guaranteed, so think before you go for this one.

6. Beer Bong

A beer bong first originated in New Zealand, is a device that consists of a funnel attached to a tube and helps in the rapid consumption of beer. This is one of the most common ways to drink beer. You are likely to see quite a lot of people drinking through beer bongs at parties. 

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7. Ice Luge

An ice luge is a kind of ice sculpture made from large ice blocks, with a narrow carve to pour liquids like beer. This is used as a popular drinking game. Ice luges are also offered in ice bars and even used for serving oysters.

8. Just Chug It Down

The primary motive behind trying different and creative methods of drinking ultimately leads down to drinking as much beer as quickly possible.

best ways to drink beer
best ways to drink beer

The purest, safest, and the most classic way you can do this is to grab a beer bottle, tilt your head back, open up your throat and chug down as much beer as possible for you. Now that we are talking about the best ways to drink beer, let us also talk about some common things that you can add or mix your beer with, that will enhance the taste of your beer.

  • Citrus: Most beers do not taste that good, and adding citrus to it distracts you from the bad taste. Citrus flavors mix quite well with beer and feel like taking a tequila and sucking a lime afterward.
  • Soda: Adding light colored sodas to your beer is common, and a good way to enjoy your beer.
  • Margarita mix: This masks the bad taste of the beer, and can be a good addition to your beer glass.
  • Bitters: A bitter is a liquor-based flavored liquid, and is added in small quantities to bring out the hidden flavors of the beer.
  • Creamer: creamers work the best with dark beers, making them more alcoholic. With its sweetness, the creamer lightens up the dark color of the beer and allays its bitter flavor.
  • Liquors: adding liquor to your beer, when either the beer or the liquor is flavored, is a good option.
how to drink beer
how to drink beer

Adding any of these items to your beer will greatly enhance the poor taste of your beer, and make your drinking experience enjoyable and worthy.

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