Superfoods for Hair Growth

Worried About Hair Loss? Try These Superfoods For Hair Growth

Sometimes due to increasing pollution in the air, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the health of your hair. On top of that, certain hair products we use contain harmful chemicals which cause more harm than good. Therefore, in this fast-paced world where whatever we use damages the quality of our hair more than shielding it, it is very essential to eat at least the right kinds of food which stimulate the growth of our hair. These superfoods for hair ensure the healthy growth of hair and make them thicker and stronger. Due to the nutrient-rich content of the superfoods, you will notice a considerable change in the quality of your hair within 4-5 weeks if you continue consuming it.  

Superfoods for Hair Growth

Below mentioned are the 15 superfoods that are recommended by hair experts if you want to boost your hair growth. 

1. Proteins

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients which are needed for the growth of your hair as the hair follicles are made up of protein, called keratin. Therefore, if you consume a protein-rich diet, you are bound to stimulate the growth of lustrous hair. Make sure your diet contains these protein sources:

Superfoods for Hair Growth
Superfoods for Hair Growth

2. Eggs

Eggs are considered to be the best source of protein for hair as they have a high content of protein and biotin. Both these nutrients stimulate the production of keratin and collagen. Collagen is a type of protective shield that surrounds each hair strand to make them more elastic and flexible. 

Besides the production of collagen and keratin, eggs also contain vitamins A and D, carotene, lutein and zinc which ameliorate the quality of healthy hair. 

Fatty Fish
Fatty Fish

3. Fatty Fish

Fishes like tuna, salmon, mackerel have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins which help in preventing hair loss. The role of Omega-3 fatty acids in preventing hair loss has also been scientifically proven.

Being a healthy fat, Omega-3 also helps in adding extra shine and lustre to the hair. It prevents dandruff and prevents your hair from turning dry and itchy. 

4. Vegetables, one of the best superfoods for hair

Consuming healthy vegetables like bell peppers, avocados and beans are known to improve the quality of your hair. 

5. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are extremely rich in vitamin C and contain an even larger amount of it than oranges. Vitamin C is believed to possess antioxidants that help in preventing damage to the hair follicles. Vitamin C also helps your hair from turning brittle and dry. You can add these bell peppers to the salad and noodles. 

6. Beans

Beans have a high content of zinc which help in promoting hair growth and also reduces hair loss. Consuming beans just once a week with salads and other vegetables is enough for improving the quality of your hair.

7. Avocadoes

Avocados are the best superfoods for hair growth which contain Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and copper. Copper is known to promote the strength of your hair and also balance the hormonal levels in your body. 

According to some health experts, copper is believed to build up the collagen around the hair strand which helps in strengthening the quality of your hair. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation throughout the head and body, improving the growth of your hair. Avocados can be your tastiest as well as versatile breakfast of the day. 

8. Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens such as spinach contain a variety of nutrients such as folate, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and iron. They also stimulate the production of keratin.

9. Spinach

Spinach is not only the superfood for hair growth, but it is also one of the superfoods for hair and skin. It contains a plethora of vitamins in a high proportion such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin 3, vItamin K, Omega-3, iron and zinc.  

Spinach can be consumed in the form of a soup or its leaves can be used in a salad. Apart from it can be used to make the famous curry, Palak Paneer.

10. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have a high content of vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega-3, zinc and B vitamins which help in fighting off all the free radicals causing much damage to the hair. Vitamin E helps in improving the quality of hair and skin.

The nutrients present in nuts and seeds help in maintaining the balance between oils and keep the scalp hydrated for a long period. Not only that, but vitamin E helps in marinating a healthy blood flow throughout the body which stimulates hair growth on the scalp. 

11. Almonds

Apart from the high content of vitamin E, almonds also contain B vitamin, that is Biotin, which is needed for keratin production in the body. You can use almonds as your binge-watching companions instead of the usual junk you eat which causes more harm to your hair than good. 

12. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are the best superfoods for hair as they keep the hair moisturized and prevent them from turning dry and brittle. Flaxseeds are also rich in vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium.

Like avocados, flaxseeds are extremely versatile and can be consumed along with muffins, bread and other baked products. You can also consume them along with eggs while you are using them for baking. If you want to include them in the breakfast, you can add them to oats and sprinkle them over your cereal bowl. 

13. Fruits

Citrus fruits such as guavas, papayas and oranges are some of the healthiest and natural superfoods for hair. As they contain vitamin C, they are a high source of antioxidants that shields your hair from damage. 

14. Berries

Apart from containing high amounts of vitamin C, berries also contain potassium which is required for the production of collagen. It also helps in absorbing iron which helps in stimulating hair growth. Apart from berries, figs are also a great source of iron, vitamins A and E which help in improving hair quality.

15. Mango

Mango is one of the most palatable superfoods for hair which retains the elasticity of your hair. It also improves the quality of your hair by repairing damaged hair follicles. It contains a high amount of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate. 

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