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Surprising Benefits Of Semen Retention: Here’s What You Need To Know

Ejaculation is an active and common activity in men that defines the climax of their masturbation. Most men tend to reach orgasm only via ejaculating, which, no doubt, is pleasurable. But semen retention is the new trend and we see you are abiding by it. Do you know what semen retention is? And surprisingly it comes with a fair share of benefits?

Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation, either by abstaining sexual activities altogether or learning a way to orgasm without ejaculating. The reason why people indulge in semen retention can range from physical to spiritual but it is alleged to provide radically positive and life transformative effects, not only on men but also on their partners. Semen retention requires a lot of muscle-control and flexing your pelvic muscles just before you ejaculate is the key to master it.

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So, before we get started with the semen retention benefits, let us understand how it is done!

  • Find the location of your pelvic muscles and get into the practice of flexing it. Try to stop urinating amidst a stream or tighten the muscles around your butthole that prevent the passage of gas. You will understand the location of those muscles.
  • Contract only the floor muscles of your pelvic region. Relax the muscles in your buttocks, stomach and thighs and allow yourself to breathe freely.
  • While doing these exercises, hold for three seconds and then relax for three seconds. It is recommended to do these exercises in sets of 10, 3 times a day to help you develop muscle control.
  • These exercises can be done while performing any bodily motion like sitting standing, walking, laying down etc.
  • While masturbating, when you are about to orgasm, take long, deep breaths. Try staying still for sometime to calm your body. Try diverting your attention to some different object, that might help.

Now, that you are aware about how semen retention is performed, allow us to shed light on the semen retention benefits. Semen retention is known to provide several benefits, physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual in nature.

Benefits of Semen Retention

Here we have listed out a few semen retention benefits for you:

  • Increased sexual stamina- Let us not lie, there is no man who does not like to last longer in bed. And guess what, semen retention helps you do that. The basic aspect of semen retention is controlling involuntary ejaculation by flexing your pelvic muscles.
  • If men master the process of semen retention, they can manage their body’s sexual response and can condition their bodies to harness their sexual stimulation for as long as they want to. This gives a sense of self-empowerment to the man and helps better his emotional and mental well-being.
  • Have multiple orgasms- Guess what, semen retention can help fulfill the much awaited dream of multiple ejaculations to provide you the much needed pleasure.
  • Several men are capable of having only one orgasm and generally become tired and lose their energy after their first ejaculation. But, if they learn to correctly apply the semen retention techniques, they can have several full multiple orgasms, with one just after the other.

Fun-fact- Some of these orgasms are capable of lasting for several minutes. So you can proceed well with that second and third round of pleasure without being concerned about your performance. 

  • Increased sexual drive- We have good news for your partner, a recently conducted study in China suggests that Testosterone levels can shoot up by as much as 45 percent due to semen retention. Testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for initiating the sexual drive and response in men.

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‘Semen essence is the fuel that drives male sexuality. It is the source not only of physical capacity for sex, but also of sexual interest and emotional affection for the opposite gender,’ says Daniel Reid, Author of “The Tao of Health Sex & Longevity”. ‘A man who maintains consistently high levels of testosterone, sperm, semen, and other male essences by practicing ejaculatory control will experience an overwhelming enhancement in his love and affection for his woman. He will also gain the capacity to act upon that loving urge over and over again,’ it adds.

  • Improved physical vitality- It is well known that an ejaculation is followed by physical depletion, and this is the reason why several athletes are discouraged from indulging into sexual activity the night before their game. The physical depletion is caused by the high concentration of vital essences found in semen.
  • A popular belief in Tibetan medicine has stated that one drop of the vital essence of blood is formed by accumulating seven drops of the vital essence of food. And subsequently, one drop of the vital essence found in semen is formed by accumulating one cup of the vital essence of blood.
  • Clarity of Mind-  Studies have discovered that semen contains certain substances of high physiological value which are related to the nutrition and health of our brain and our body’s nervous system.

“There is a remarkable similarity of chemical composition between the semen and the central nervous system, both being especially rich in lecithin, cholesterin and phosphorus compounds, which would indicate that seminal emissions withdraw from the body substances necessary for the nutrition of nervous tissues,” states an article called ‘Science Discovers the Physiological Value of Continence’ by Dr. Raymond W. Bernard. The essence of the matter is, you will have a clearer mind!

Some other semen retention benefits include more confidence and self-control, less anxiety and depression, increased motivation, better memory, increased muscle growth, thicker hair, deeper voice, improved sperm quality, deeper relationships, stronger life force and better overall happiness. These benefits are subjective and range among individuals. What is important to note is that semen retention benefits are several and are suggested to provide phenomenal benefits. So men, harness your inner force and control those pelvic muscles to understand for yourself. If It proves beneficial we are happy, and if it does not, well we always support pleasure, so go on and ejaculate!

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