shave your balls

The Ultimate Guide On How To Shave Balls

Manscaping is not a very huge thing today, like it was, once. Looking trimmer and neater should be a priority for everyone. However, grooming body hair or pubic hair is completely personal. Whether you want to keep them trimmed or get rid of them completely, is something that is based on your personal preferences. These days, no part of the body is off the limits for manscaping. According to surveys, around 62 per cent of men shave below the belt, while around 72% and 78% of men shave their chest and back, respectively. Grooming your pubic hair is more popular than ever. To shave balls definitely requires extra care and caution than shaving other parts of your body. So let us have a brief yet a detailed look on do’s and don’ts while you shave your balls. 

Why Shave Your Balls?

Shaving or not shaving your pubic hair is a personal choice. Some men might prefer doing it, while some might not.  Some reasons because which you can choose to shave your balls would include: minimizing sweat and fungus or any attack of bacteria, avoiding stinkiness. Some females prefer a silky smooth sack on their partners, and this could be a good enough reason for shaving balls.

How to Shave Your Balls?

We completely understand that shaving your balls isn’t an easy process, at all. You have to be super cautious so that you do not experience any kind of injury; nobody wants a bleeding ball after all or roaming around dabbing napkins on your balls. Shaving balls is easy, it just needs a little care and attention. Here is the entire procedure that you must follow to shave your balls. Follow these, step by step, and you will be good to go.

1. Trimming

The first and most important step towards shaving your balls is trimming the hair first, which will help you get a better and cleaner shave. Even if you plan on shaving with a razor, you ought to use the trimmer first. Prop up one leg on some stable surface, maybe a stool. Pull the skin taut gently using one hand and trim the hair carefully using a trimmer or scissors with your second hand. Trim the hair as short as possible.

2. Soaking your balls in warm water

Once you have trimmed your hair, using warm water on that area will help soften the remaining stubble and open your pores for easy shaving. You may use a warm bath or a shower for this step. However, do not use water at extreme temperatures. Extra hot water might irritate your skin, while cold water might make your balls uncooperative for the shaving process.

3. Shaving products

Using a naturally soothing gel or a cream would help in making that area soft, which will greatly aid the entire shaving process. Remember to use a product with gentle ingredients, like an aloe Vera gel, or anything that gives a smooth effect to the skin, which will help the blade glide over your skin.

Natural ingredients work the best, and you may try them out. However, do not use any products with cooling ingredients, like menthol or eucalyptus. A shave oil can also be good, it will nourish your skin and prepare the hair and the skin for shaving. If you’re using oil, the skin generally tends to become a little slippery, so be slow and careful while you shave.

4. Shaving

You must follow the above three steps before actually picking up your blade and start shaving. Follow these simple steps to finally get rid of the hair on your balls:

  • Prop up one leg on some sturdy surface, like a stool.
  • Pull the skin taut gently with one hand. This will prevent any folds from getting stuck in the trimmer’s blades.
  • Keep the skin pulled tight and gently shave in the direction in which your hair grows.
  • Keep it gentle and slow, take your time, and keep your hands calm.
  • Use warm water to rinse or take a shower. This will minimize the chances of ingrown hair and close the pores.
  • Let the skin dry.

Which Tool should you use?

One common concern that men have is regarding the tool that they should use to shave their balls. A lot of men even injure themselves during the process, which can actually be really bad sometimes. To avoid any such injuries to your body, it is important that you choose the right tools and we are here to help you with that.

The tool you use will depend on how shaven you actually want to go. Trimmer might do the work for some, while some might want to go the extra mile and use a blade. You would be having your own reasons for shaving, maybe personal hygiene, or maybe being attractive to your sexual partners. Most men use a razor to shave balls, and if you are one of them, you can go for the razor with more number of blades. The bigger the surface doing the shaving, the lesser the risk of injuries and hurting yourself.

The Aftercare

Shaving your balls actually involves a lot of risk of ingrown hair and razor burns. So, you must apply an aftershave cream or balm right after shaving your balls. The skin of your balls is more sensitive than most other parts of your body. Hence, applying a cream even after the day of shaving is a good idea. The products marked as the ones to be used for sensitive skin work the best in this case. A daily freshening lotion will keep your skin smooth and also thwart any odorous bacteria in the region.

We hope this little guide from us on how to shave your balls helps you to get ultra-smooth balls, and you experience a safe shave, without any difficulties or incurring any injuries in the process. Before using any tool on your balls, just remember that your skin is super sensitive and one wrong step might actually prove hazardous for you. So, do your research before picking up any tool and never forget to do the aftercare.

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