11 All-Time Favourite Trouser Styles For Men

While men generally spend a lot of time and money on other accessories like shoes and jackets, they do not pay a lot of attention in deciding the best trouser style for their outfit. Pairing casual black jeans or a normal pair of black trousers with your shirts can be easy, but wearing the right trouser style for the right event can just be a treat to the eyes. With time, myriad trouser styles have evolved of different body sizes and appealing different age groups.

11 Trouser Styles For Men

Here, we have a list of some modern trouser styles for men to choose from according to their preferences and suiting the upper wear and occasion you are wearing it for. Have a look on some on men’s trousers:

1. Corduroy trousers

Corduroy trousers
Corduroy trousers

With parallel lines on its wales, corduroy trousers are generally available in wool or cotton texture. You can easily wear them in winters as well since the wool helps you keep warm and cozy. Corduroy trousers are the best for a casual look, and can easily be paired along with t-shirts or sweatshirts and sneakers. When worn in darker shades, corduroys work even better giving you the right amount of attractiveness in your look. If you want to wear these pants to a formal event, you may even try corduroy suits paired with monk strap shoes.

2. Cargo pants

Cargo pants
Cargo pants

Considered as a fashion blunder for men once, cargo pants are again in fashion, and rightly so. Cargos with smaller side pockets can always provide you with a simple, cool look. Cargos can be a nice pair with sweatshirts and hoodies, and you can try out both light as well as dark shades of pants according to the rest of your outfit.

4. Chinos


Chinos are one of those men’s trouser that we believe, is a must-have for every man in his wardrobe. They can give you the best summer look when paired with t-shirts. Not just stylish, they are also quite comfortable and relaxed, giving you a perfect balance between formal and casual. Darker shades like navy or charcoal will suit you well for semi-formal events or when wearing them in winters. When wearing them casually, for summer day outs or a party with friends, burgundy, cream, or green colors would be the best options.

4. Drawstring trousers

Drawstring trousers are a little new in the ‘modern trouser styles’ game, but that doesn’t mean they are unpopular. Drawstring trousers are now available in a great variety of materials as well, like linen, wool, and jersey. Giving you just the perfect blend of comfort and style, drawstring trousers are also available in different fabrics. These can be worn even as daily wear and will give a smart look to the outfit. T-shirts or sweatshirts go best along with them.

5. Slim-fit trousers

Slim-fit trousers
Slim-fit trousers

Love skinny jeans but can’t wear them formally? We suggest you go with slim-sit trousers. One of the best trouser styles for men, slim-fit trousers, they have the charm to make your sophisticated formal look quite stylish. But remember the difference between a trouser and jeans, and do not buy extremely tight trousers. Dark shades like black and charcoal are always safe options when wearing these trousers for formal events. But, you can always experiment with lighter shades too, keeping in mind the occasion and your entire outfit.

6. Relaxed-legged trousers

These trousers have been inspired by 1950’s fashion, and are still quite popular among men. They go well with literally all upper wears, ranging from t-shirts to sweaters, and you can keep experimenting to find your perfect look. The length of a relaxed-legged trouser looks the best when it is just till your feet, the end of your trousers resting at them. If they are too long, you can roll them up to get the perfect length and look.

7. Joggers

Joggers are a type of men’s trouser that has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and now men do not wear them just to get an athletic look, but also as casual wear. Slimline joggers are one good option that land exactly between a professional and an athletic tracksuit look. Nowadays, men wear joggers not only for casual looks, but also for semi-formal events, and you can try it too!

8. Cropped trousers

Just like cropped jeans, cropped trousers are also in trend and are among one of those trouser styles that you must try, if you haven’t, yet. An easy formal outfit can be spiced up and enhanced when paired with cropped trousers. A leather jacket and cropped trousers will definitely give you the most stylish look. However, you can pair it alongside almost every other top wear like a t-shirt for a casual look, or even a shirt for formal wear.

9. Pleated trousers

These are the best combination of a tight fit and an equally airy piece of clothing. Tapered cut with a crop style is among the best modern trouser styles for men and one that you need to try out soon. A white t-shirt, a Cuban collar shirt, or a jacket along with Derbys or white sneakers are some good outfit ideas that you may try with pleated trousers.

10. Tracksuit bottoms

Looking for a men’s trouser that is comfy as well as trendy? Why not try tracksuit bottoms? These give you the perfect athletic and sporty look. However, you can also try wearing them for other casual events, and be the cool guy in the crowd.

11. Wool trousers

From office wear to party wear, wool trousers can be the go-to choice for you to rock your outfit. Pair them with standard brogues or oxfords, and you are good to go. However, if you want to wear wool trousers casually, pairing them with sneakers can also be a good option.

We hope this helps you in knowing about the best modern trouser styles for men. Try these the next time you are going out and be ready to be the Centre of attraction of the gathering. Trousers give you the comfort of joggers and the formality of pants, simultaneously. If paired perfectly and uniquely, you can be the next trendsetter. Happy Styling!

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