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Want To Rock The Retro Look? Try The Curtains Hairstyle!

Fashion and style always makes a comeback, and so has the famous curtains hairstyle of the ’90s. Every decade in time has a signature look, the seventies had the long hippie hair, the eighties had the mullets, but the 90’s stayed with the iconic curtains hairstyle. In the ’90s, curtains hairstyle was worn by every Hollywood heartthrob from Johnny Depp to Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt to Joaquin Phoenix, David Beckham to every boy band member! It was everywhere. 

However, in recent times, the middle-partition hairstyle has surged back from the dead with KPop stars like BTS, and Timothee Chalamet being style icons! While you may think that the “90’s boyband look” is outdated, it isn’t. Every twenty-something Hollywood star to pop star has tried the curtains hairstyle and is embracing it! From Zayn Malik to Ruel and Charles Melton, you’ll see everyone donning the timeless curtains hairstyle!

If you want to join the bandwagon and hop on to the trend, check out our curtains hairstyle guide!

Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle

What Is The Curtains Hairstyle?

The curtains hairstyle is an iconic men’s cut and style in which the hair on top is left long with a sleek middle part to make your fringes appear as curtains. The recent and more modernized version of the classic curtains hairstyle includes an undercut, taper fade, or plain taper. The curtains hairstyle, also known as the middle partition hairstyle can be both casual and high-maintenance depending on your hair type and the kind of cut you get. Some like to go for a messy and low maintenance look while others prefer the sleek and sharp look. With bangs reviving as a popular trend in the lockdown, the male alternative is the curtains hairstyle fringe.

Origin of the Curtains Hairstyle

The origin of this iconic hairstyle can be traced back to the end of the 19th century when it was first sported by Oscar Wilde. Its popularity continued till the 1920s but by the end of the period, it was a forgotten trend. The first revival occurred with the hippie and counter-culture movement of the ’60s and ’70s.

The second revival happened with edgy boybands like Nirvana. However, there was no looking back from there as every Hollywood star and aspirant began rocking this hairstyle. Nowadays, this iconic hairstyle is seen everywhere from K-pop to the runaway, and even teen boys donning them on Instagram! 

Curtains Hairstyle Styling Guide

To get this look, you have to grow your hair out. It has to be at least medium length or even longer on the front. The fronts (side-fronts) of your hair should essentially touch your upper lip. If your hair isn’t the right length yet, then wait and grow it out for a few months. And, if your hair is the perfect length for styling the curtains hairstyle, here’s how you can do it:

Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle

Step 1

After shampooing your hair, work a serum into the tresses of your hair. Make sure you do this on damp hair or else it can end up looking greasy. A serum will smoothen your fringes and make them look frizz-free. This is very important if you want to achieve the perfect curtains hairstyle.

Step 2

Comb your hair with a pointy shaped hair comb and figure out where you want your middle part to fall. Once you have created a middle part, you can either let your hair air-dry or use heat to blow-dry it.  Usually, stylists prefer airdrying it, however, if you feel that your hair won’t hold, then go ahead and use a blowdryer. It all depends on your hair texture and hold, and no one knows it better than you. 

Step 3

If you are using a blow dryer, set it to a medium heat setting. Now, hold the dryer and direct it as close to your tresses as possible. Be careful not to burn yourself. You have to direct the heat close to make your hair smooth, or else it can turn wavy and cause flyaways. 

Step 4 

With the blowdryer in one hand and a combing brush in another, brush out your hair in its natural direction to avoid flyaways and make your hair appear sleek and velvety. This will also avoid any potential frizz

Step 5

Once your hair is dry, you can use gel, wax, pomade, or even a high holding clay to keep the curtains hairstyle in place throughout the day. 

Step 6

If later in the day you feel that your middle partition hairstyle needs retouching, then just run a comb through the back and the front fringes, in the direction of the hair. 

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5 Trending Curtains Hairstyle Guide

Here is the guide on 5 best trending curtains hairstyle that you must try them:

1. Classic Curtains

This is the classic style of the curtains hairstyle which was donned back in the ’90s. It works best on straight hair. This middle-partition hairstyle is worn to highlight sharp features. Therefore, if you have a solid bone structure or a strong jawline, this is the look for you. You can keep your fringes short or long, depending on how you want them to frame your face. Think about Leonardo DiCaprio from the ’90s and you’ll know what we are talking about with the classic curtains. 

2. Wavy Curtains

Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle

Nobody pulls off the wavy curtains hairstyle look better than Timothee Chalamet. If your hair texture is wavy or even curly, this is the middle-partition hairstyle look for you. Your smooth wavy tresses will shape your face and give it a soft look. Girls love this one! 

3. Long Curtains Hairstyle 

Curtains Hairstyle
Curtains Hairstyle

Think about a young Keanu Reeves. Yes, that is the look. If you like your hair long, in both the front and back, go for the long curtains hairstyle. This works well for those who have a long face shape. This a flowing hairstyle and ideal for those with medium to long hair. 

4. Wet-look curtains

Wet-look curtains
Wet-look curtains

This a sort of modern take on the retro trend, popularized by style icon Zayn Malik. If you want to look chic and modern but also experiment with the curtains’ hairstyle, try this one out. You should pair a medium to the long fringe with a low-fade cut. If you have a groomed beard, this look will suit you. 

5. E-boy Curtains Hairstyle

E-boy Curtains Hairstyle
E-boy Curtains Hairstyle

This is the trendiest and the most recent spin to the curtains hairstyle. The e-boy curtains hairstyle has been popularized by TikTok stars and is taking the world by the frenzy! If you prefer a messy, low-maintenance, and undone curtains hairstyle then this one’s for you!

This was our complete curtains’ hairstyle guide. No matter what look you get, embrace it with confidence! 

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