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The Ultimate Men’s Style Guide As Per Their Body Shape!

Have you ever tried an outfit that was worn by your favorite celebrity only to realize that it does not look as good on you? Chances are you did not acknowledge the most important factor of body type. When it comes to men’s style and fashion, one’s body type plays a significant role as it decides the suitability of the outfit. This article will help you to know about The Ultimate Men's Style Guide As Per Their Body Shape!

Ultimate Men's Style Guide to the Body Type

Here is the detailed style guide according to body shapes

Body type 1: Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle
Inverted triangle

As the name suggests, this body type is often characterized by an inverted triangle whose base is at the shoulders and the point is at the belly button. This implies that your shoulders and chest are significantly broader than your waist and your hips. 

Which clothes will suit this body type?

If you have this body type, your goal should be to accentuate your upper body, such as certain close-fitting clothes that help in emphasizing your arms, shoulders, and those sharp lines of your torso. A little flexing now and then will do you no harm to your morals. 

Here are some other clothes that you can keep in mind:

  1. Slim cotton polo shirt
  2. Regular V-neck T-shirts
  3. Straight leg trousers and jeans
  4. Horizontal stripes
  5. Slim-fit shirts

Body type 2: Oval


If you have an oval body type, it is essential to keep your clothing choice simple and dark. Make sure that you stick to solid colors as those will help you hide the oblong area near your waist and accentuate your shoulders. Here are some apparels that you can keep in mind while dressing up.

Which clothes will suit this body type?

  • Shirts: Make sure that whichever shirt you buy fits you perfectly. You do not want to tight a shirt or too lose one as well for your body type. Shirts with a wide collar are generally preferable for you.
  • Suspenders: Suspenders will be the savior in times you didn’t need. Therefore, make sure you wear it whenever you get the opportunity.
  • Trousers: When it comes to the trousers, you have to make sure that they are a little loose so your belly does not bulge out and there are no pinches or wrinkles.
  • Jackets: According to your body type, dark colored, double-breasted jackets will work best. Jackets will not only help you accentuate your upper body but also help in layering your outfit which will work best when you want to exude smart-casual vibes.
  • Pleats: An oval body type has a large surface area at the waist which narrows down their shoulders and legs. Jackets will work best to broaden your shoulders but when it comes to your legs, you can wear pants that widen a bit when you sit. This will help you in balancing your entire body and also ensure comfort.

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Body type 3: Triangle

A triangular body shape is commonplace among older men as they are predisposed to developing fat around their waist and hips more than other parts of their body with the advancement of age. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to find and choose clothes that can suit the body type. Therefore, there are certain clothes and related tips that you can keep in mind while choosing clothes and dressing up. 

Which clothes will suit this body type?

  • Jackets: Similar to the oval body type, a triangular body type has relatively narrower shoulders than their waist and hips. Therefore, to create a balance between them, jackets are the best clothing options. For instance, bomber jackets will help you accentuate your sloping shoulder line whereas structured shoulders will help you keep it crisp and sharp.
  • Blazers: Jackets are skewed towards casual wear which is preferred to be avoided when you are dressing up for an important meeting. For a more professional look, you can wear checked blazers and complement them with solid trousers. This pattern and colour design will help in creating the illusion of a well-balanced shape with less emphasis on your waist.
  • Suits: More often than not, double-breasted suits bulk up near the waist which attracts extra attention that is uncalled for. Instead, a single-breasted suit will help in slimming down your waist area and broadening your shoulders simultaneously. This will give smart-casual vibes which often helps in making a fashion statement at work.
  • Vertical stripes: Wearing a vertically striped shirt helps in slimming down the waist area and creates an elongating effect which is equivalent to a rectangular body type which is discussed later in the article.

Body type 4: Trapezoid


Men with a trapezoidal body type are considered to have an average body type. If you are one of them, then consider yourself the luckiest because almost all the clothing off the rack will suit you no matter what. Certain minor adjustments will admittedly be there but they won’t pose a major hassle for you. 

For those who don’t know, a trapezoidal shape implies that the waist is the narrowest which gradually widens up to the collarbone and shoulders. These are the widest part of the body and your hips and legs are the narrowest. Kind of similar to the inverted triangle but not completely the same. 

Which clothes will suit this body type?

  • Trousers: Do not wear loose trousers. This will not help you accentuate your upper body.
  • Jackets: Make sure that the jackets or blazers you buy, help in slimming down your waist and emphasize on your shoulders.
  • Shirts: Vertical stripes will work the best for you. They will make you seem taller.

Body type 5: Rectangle

Men who have a rectangular body type are, more often than not, tall and lightly built, with the shoulders in alignment with their waist and hips. If you have a rectangular body type, make sure you choose clothes that help in widening your shoulders and slimming your waist. This will help in creating the structure of an inverted triangle or a trapezoid.  

Which clothes will suit this body type?

  • Jackets and blazers: Similar to the previously mentioned men’s style guide as per the specific body types, make sure that you tailor your jackets and blazers until they emphasize your shoulders and slim down your waist.
  • Give importance to layering: Adding extra layers to your outfit, especially at the top, will add bulk to your frame and make you a man with an exceptional fashion sense.

This is the ultimate guide to casual men’s style concerning their body types. This will certainly help them in choosing clothes that will accentuate their frame and ensure comfort.