hacks to get rid of a unibrow

5 Awesome Hacks To Get Rid Of Unibrow

Back in the 80s and the 90s, unibrow was a thing. People with unibrows were considered to be cool and stylish. However, flash forward to the 21st century, unibrows are just straight-up laid back. Not only do they depict an irresponsible personality, but also looks very uncool.

Grooming is not a field reserved only for women. It is also for men, perhaps just a tad more. Men and women equally need to take care of their outlook and health. Therefore, if you have a unibrow it is essential to get rid of them to make your face more clean and sharp.  

Unibrow is also called monobrow which means that your two eyebrows are long enough to connect in the middle. Hippie artists and actors have started to grow a unibrow for a distinct outlook. This is especially common among male artists as a unibrow reflects their fertility and masculinity.

How to Get Rid of A Unibrow?

If you want to permanently get rid of a unibrow, you can opt for unibrow laser treatment or electrolysis. But these will certainly empty your pockets a bit, but they will also unencumber the burden on your shoulders, or should we say, on your forehead.

1. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a professional hair removal method that is done by a dermatologist. In this process, needles are used which will pass strong electric currents, that will kill the hair follicles. Just within a few days, all the unnecessary will fall out. You will need one or two treatments to completely get rid of a unibrow.

2. Laser hair removal

Laser treatment is also another professional hair removal method that is done by professionals only. In this process, laser beams are thrown at the unibrow area, which would stop the future growth of hair. As it was in the case of electrolysis, in laser treatment also, you will need to do follow-up treatment sessions.

Methods to Fix Your Unibrow

However, if you are looking for simpler, cheaper, and traditional options you can choose, plucking, waxing, or trimming. The first two are a bit painful, but you can take inspiration from your female friends or girlfriend(s), for this.

3. Plucking


Plucking is also called tweezing, wherein you pluck one hair at a time. It is one of the cheapest hair removal methods that you can use to get rid of a unibrow. Now, this might sound very painful, but it is not that painful as you imagine if you follow the following tips:

  • Dip a washcloth in hot water and pad it on the area that you want to pluck. Applying hot water to the intended area can help reduce pain as it opens the pores and makes it much easier for you.
  • Know the contours of your face and eyebrow which will suit its shape. This will help you know where to pluck and where not to pluck.
  • While plucking the eyebrows, hold your forehead tight and then pluck them as it will make things easier.
  • Always start from the middle and then forge your way out. Pause in the middle and look in the mirror, to know how much more you want to pluck.
  • You can also use tweezers to thin out your eyebrows.
  • After plucking it, wash your eyebrows with warm water and a bar of antibacterial soap. Apply cool lotion or you can also aloe vera to cool down the area or prevent any breakouts.

4. Waxing your unibrow

Waxing generally implies using hot wax on your unibrow and then use a strip or a cloth to wipe off the unnecessary hair. Out of all the methods to fix your unibrow, this one is a bit painful, but then again it is quick, so you will not feel much pain after a few seconds.

Waxing is also a very effective hair removal method as it helps in removing hair from its follicles. Therefore, you will not have to worry about regrowth for four to five weeks. You can purchase a waxing kit and do the entire process by yourself or you can go to a salon.

If you are a beginner it is better to pay a visit to a salon first because if you wax your eyebrows more than necessary, you can end up having extremely thin eyebrows and we believe that you might not want to become Monalisa, just yet.

You can also buy some waxing strips once you get the knack of it, as they are pre-waxed and you just have to apply it and rip it off. Here, if you are doing it at home, you need to place your strip very carefully between the two eyebrows and pat it for a few seconds and then rip it off.   

After ripping, you can use some tweezers or eyebrow shapers and shape your eyebrows according to your face. One of the good things about waxing is that it removes all the hair, smaller or larger, in one go. Whereas, if you are using a tweezer, you can only remove the larger hairs, the smaller ones are still there. However, waxing is not recommended to people who have irritated skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin or have warts or moles in the area.

5. Shaving or trimming your unibrow


Shaving your eyebrows can also be considered as the smartest options to get rid of your eyebrows. However, you need to follow some steps before shaving your unibrow.

  • If you are using a traditional blade with an eyebrow razor, make sure that your skin is wet. So, shave your unibrow after showering.
  • If you have acne-prone skin or it is a little irritated due to pollution and dirt, you should apply shaving gel or cream before shaving the unibrow.
  • After shaving, apply a cream or lotion, to prevent any breakouts or unnecessary redness.

One drawback of using a razor for getting rid of your eyebrows is that your hair will grow back quickly. It is not effective as waxing, however, if you do not want to feel any pain, this might be the best option for you. Moreover, if you are using a traditional blade for removing your unibrows, the chances of getting a razor burn are increasingly high.