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Ways To Compliment A Girl And Make Her Blush

With the current political and cultural climate, coupled with the #MeToo wave, something as simple as giving compliments to a girl has become increasingly complicated and intimidating. We get it. You see a girl and you want to tell her how you feel. She has beautiful eyes, maybe a captivating smile or she has a great body. How do you get your message across without sounding creepy or scaring her away? 

Compliments are like double-edged swords, it cuts both ways. If you use them smartly, they can work their magic for you and do wonders. And, if you use them poorly, you have dug a hole for yourself. Compliments can make or break a courtship. It can make it lead to a relationship or you can go back to being strangers again. If you’re someone who likes to express themselves through compliments, then you should definitely go for it! But, keep a few things in mind about how to compliment a girl.

When is it okay to Compliment A Girl?

  1. You know the girl. She could be your wife, a girlfriend, a friend, a co-worker, or just someone you’ve started seeing. Just make sure she’s not a total stranger.
  2. If you sense that the girl enjoys your company and seems to be fond of you, you can go ahead with a compliment.
  3. The girl seems to have put effort into dressing up that day, this can mean if she’s wearing a new kind of makeup look, has changed her hair, or if she has uploaded a new photo.

When is it not okay to Compliment A Girl?

  1. She’s a stranger to you. Even if your intentions mean well refrain from giving compliments to a total stranger.
  2. If it’s a professional context and you both don’t share the same power status (that is if she’s your boss or even your junior).
  3. When she’s with someone else.
  4. When she’s talking about something else, try not to interrupt her with a compliment.

Now, that we’ve established who to compliment, let’s see why you should give compliments and not hold back.

Compliment A Girl
Compliment A Girl

Why should you Compliment A Girl?

  • It shows you have confidence

Giving a compliment to a girl is ballsy. Considering that whatever you will compliment the girl on is genuine and true, making such a statement is bold. Women love confident men. Well, everyone does. Giving compliments means that you’re confident, sure of yourself, and ultimately, unafraid to tell her how you feel.

  • It shows that you love her for more than just her body

The compliments in discussion right now are the ones that don’t compliment her body. Telling your girl she has a beautiful smile, kind eyes, or that she walks with grace, automatically means that you love more than just her body. As much as women love to be complimented on their body, they like it too when you compliment other things about them.

  • It establishes intention

You wouldn’t compliment someone you don’t want to see again, would you? Probably not. Therefore, giving compliments establishes intention. It tells the girl that you’re interested in her and would like to see her again, probably even continue seeing her. A well-placed compliment can make you appear genuine.

Guide On How To Compliment A Girl ?

Like we said, giving compliments in today’s day and age without coming off as creepy or intimidating can be tricky. But it’s not impossible. You want to compliment someone tastefully and here’s how you do it.

  • Avoid giving a compliment as an opening line

If you want to impress someone, you can do better than using a compliment as an opening line. Say hello, introduce yourself first or just acknowledge her presence. A compliment can be a useful tool if used smartly. Use a compliment mid-conversation (but, don’t interrupt her). We can guarantee she will smile at you. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get more than just a smile. 

Compliment A Girl
Compliment A Girl
  • Be specific

Giving a general compliment is not a crime but it’s not attractive either. This is a simple tip. Be specific. Tell her she has pretty eyes, a beautiful smile. Use an empowering compliment. 

Appearance is not the only thing that can be and should be complimented.

  • Don’t exaggerate

She’s probably not the most beautiful girl in the world. Overdoing your compliments can make you seem like a “simp”. It’s not attractive. Give genuine and honest compliments without exaggerating.

  • Compliment her choices

Did she order your drink for you? Tell her she has great taste. Is she wearing a great outfit? Tell her she’s got style. 

  • Don’t make sexual compliments or use compliments that have a sexual connotation

Even if you’re just trying to get her into bed with you, don’t give sexual compliments. Don’t assess her body when you’re complimenting her. She will feel very uncomfortable and walk out on you.

  • Be succinct and explicit

Don’t beat around the bush or ramble. Tell her she is pretty, wearing a great outfit, or has a great smile and move on. Using a casual yet thoughtful compliment will be the most effective. 

  • If she reminds you of someone (except your ex) or resembles a celebrity, tell her

We meet a lot of people and come across many familiar faces. Therefore, if she reminds you of someone you’ve met before, let her know. It’s a great conversation catalyst. But, if she reminds you of her ex, do anything but tell her that. If she looks like a certain celebrity star (but, not a porn star), let her know.

  • Don’t expect anything in return

She might return your compliment or just smile and say, “thank you”. Nobody can tell for sure. But, don’t expect a compliment in return or be disheartened if she doesn’t compliment you back.

  • Don’t add advice or suggestions to your compliment

Saying something like, “Hey, you’re pretty but you know what will make you even great?” is a code red. Don’t give her advice or suggest she do something else. Just say what you feel, give a genuine compliment, and put a stop to it. 

Compliment A Girl
Compliment A Girl
  • Be genuine and honest

Don’t lie to her because you feel compelled or pressured to give a compliment. If you really want to compliment, make sure it’s honest and that you mean it.

Best Compliment for Girls

There are many compliments for girls. Make sure you compliment her voice, her bravery, her choices, and not just her looks. To make your work easier, we’ve curated some of the best compliments for girls. 

  1. “You have a beautiful smile.”
  2. “You have a great voice. You should sing.”
  3. “Red (or, whatever color she’s wearing) suits you.”
  4. “You’re always kind to people. I love that about you.”
  5. “You’re easy to talk to. I feel comfortable around you.”
  6. “Your work inspires me.”
  7. “You have a certain impact on people.”
  8. “I love being around you.”
  9. “Power looks good around you.”
  10. “You’re always so positive. I love your energy.”

Remember that when you compliment a girl, your statement will stick with her. So, be genuine and honest. She will love you for who you are. 

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