Funny and Quirky Unpopular Opinions

Why Having Unpopular Opinions Can Be A Good Thing?

Everyone is entitled to have unpopular opinions. Having your opinion reflects how much importance you give to your individuality and the extent to which you allow yourself to be influenced by others. 

Sometimes, unpopular opinions often strike interest and can be the ice-breakers for starting a conversation. So, it’s good to have opinions that are different and quirky from others. But, make sure that your opinions are not disrespectful to any caste, creed or community. So, as long as they don’t pose a hindrance, you’re good to go. 

What are Unpopular Opinions?

The unpopular opinion meaning is to possess unconventional opinions and out of the box. Sometimes they are often considered to be synonymous with underrated or unique. More often than not, they are also sometimes termed to be controversial. However, that is not the case every time. 

If you’ve a different opinion about a commonplace thing such as binge-watching, then it certainly isn’t controversial. However, it takes a form of controversy when the topics revolve around current affairs, celebrities, vulnerable groups of societies, etc. 

Below-mentioned are some of the most frequently mentioned unpopular opinions that can be great conversation starters if any of them resonate with you. 

10 Funny and Quirky Unpopular Opinions

Below is a list of some unpopular opinions:

  • Chocolate is disgusting:

If you’re a chocolate lover, then hold on! Don’t be surprised because many out of the gazillions breathing on this planet hate chocolate and related desserts such as chocolate ice cream. 

Although chocolate is preferable almost anywhere, a plethora thinks it’s gross. Now, no matter how many times you ask them why they feel the way they do, you’re probably getting nothing more than a shrug and an eye roll. 

  • ‘I hate ‘Friends’’:

Again, it’s hard to believe, but please swallow that lump in your throat and accept the fact that Friends is not liked by many. Regardless of its popularity, jokes and storyline, people find it too overrated. 

  • Beyonce is overrated:

No matter how ‘Crazy in Love’ you’re with Beyonce, she’s got haters too, who think how overrated she is. Don’t believe it? We neither. 

  • Who makes the bed? It’s pointless!:

Now, don’t you excuse yourself from this one, because it seems that it’s not so unpopular after all? At some point, everyone must’ve questioned the need to make the bed. If you haven’t, then please tell us from which planet you have arrived.

  • Christmas is overrated:

With the bells jingling and the choir breaking their own record of melodious voices, who wouldn’t like Christmas? Not only that, but it is the perfect time of the year where families get together and bond over. Children receive the much-anticipated reindeer sweaters from the elders which are exactly similar to what others have worn. And then finally, comes the times of the impeccable family photo. Who wouldn’t love all this love?

But, yes, there are people on this planet who are just overwhelmed by all this. Are you one of them?

  • Love the taste of every food when eaten with ketchup:

Consuming French fries, fried chicken, potato wedges, with ketchup is understandable. But, consuming eggs with ketchup! How absurd would the taste be? Well, people believe that ketchup brings a favourable taste to the dish and it’s impossible for them to consume anything without it.

  • It’s okay to check your partner’s phone:

Hands down, this one is wrong because it is disrespectful to your partner and a sure indicator that you don’t trust them or what they have to say. Privacy may not be the luxury that everyone can afford due to various circumstances, but it’s always preferred to ensure private space to your partner from your end. 

People who disagree with this may argue that there is nothing wrong with checking someone’s phone if they have nothing to hide. That’s true but that does give you any right to invade their privacy because you don’t hold any authority over them. 

  • Brave > Frozen:

Okay, so if you’re a die-hard Disney fan, this must be a debate that you might have spearheaded or been a part of frequently. The most common favours Frozen because Let It Go and Olaf, but Brave is no less a Disney movie and deserves credit too.

  • Haha is rude:

With the Gen-Z lingo conquering all your text messages, there are some unsaid rules which are followed by the majority. One of the popular  unpopular opinions regarding this is that if there are less than four ‘ha’s’ in the Hahahaha text, then it’s considered to be rude. 

  • Who said job searching is exhausting?

Yes, go ahead, read it again. But many believe that searching for a job is not exhausting, it’s fun, on the contrary. These highly self-aware stoic individuals are few but are strong to hold an opinion that searching for jobs gives them insight into where they’re in their lives. 

How to Handle Unpopular Opinions?

Regardless of the absurdity or quirkiness of an unpopular opinion, it’s hard to have one. It reflects the subconscious conflict between protecting your individuality and yielding to the norms. This is extremely prevalent when you’re in a group and everyone seems to have a similar opinion except you. Under such circumstances, you need to avoid disagreements by tethering yourself to the ground and calming yourself. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Agree to disagree:

Agreeing on everything with someone is implausible. In those cases, your opinions are about to clash. So, to avoid resentment, you can just agree to disagree. That’s it.

  • Don’t impose, just say:

Saying you have a different opinion is enough. But, imposing on other people and making them convinced that it’s the only way or its right, is not right. You need to stay where you are and not others.

  • Respect other opinions:

Everyone’s wired differently. And everyone is entitled to express their opinions in their own ways. So, if someone’s opinion does not resonate with you, just be open and as mentioned in the first point, agree to disagree. 

These are some of the common ways to deal with unpopular opinions. You might come across some more ways to deal with them through listening to some unpopular opinion podcasts. Nevertheless, whatever be the situation, there is no need to eliminate them just because your best friend holds a different opinion. 

Stay true to who you are and the whole world will adjust. Plus, conversations can wait!