Best Shaving Ideas For Men

10 Unique Shaving Ideas For Men To Get Appear Well-Groomed

Shaving is one of the primary activities in a men’s grooming technique. Through using the tried and tested techniques, almost every man knows how to shave. However, if you have sensitive skin or are suffering from a skin problem, it is advisable to shake things a bit. If not this, then you can certainly consider various techniques of shaving just for quenching your curiosity. With that said, let’s look at some of the unique shaving ideas for men.

10 Unique Shaving Ideas For Men

The unique shaving ideas for men that every men should know are given below:

1. Traditional shaving technique

This is the widely practised old-school shaving method which a majority of men resort to. Although it is practised by many these days, it is not as easy as people make it look. One mistake here and you might end up with disastrous results. 

Shaving Ideas For Men
Shaving Ideas For Men

Be that as it may, if you’re able to complete it without any scars, then good for you, boy, because this method leaves your skin perfect and unblemished. To do it perfectly, you need to make sure that you’re using it correctly. Now, this might prove a bit difficult for you especially when you’re doing it the first time after using unconventional methods of shaving.  

The next thing that you have to consider is the pressure that you would like to apply. This depends on the type of tool you are using. If you are using a heavy razor, then make sure that you are applying light pressure and vice-versa. While shaving, remember to keep your tool at a 30-degree angle and as you move forward, continue to adjust it. 

Here’s another important thing which should not be neglected. Before shaving, make sure that you wash your face with hot water to turn your hair. As a result, the hair removal process will be much easier. 

2. Wet shaving

Wet shaving is undoubtedly one of the unique shaving ideas which involve a safety razor, shaving brush and shaving cream. Similar to the previous method, wash your face with warm water first and then apply shaving foam. Once you’re done with that, make sure that you hold your safety razor correctly and carefully. Don’t forget to moisturize your face with an aftershave after you complete shaving. Wet shaving is one of the easiest and simplest ways of shaving which helps in removing the hair very close to the skin to get a more impeccable look. 

3. Cartridge razor shave

The cartridge razor shaving method is highly popular among people who are looking for time and cost-effective shaving solutions. What makes the method so interesting is its design which enables the user to keep the handle and replace the razor when it is not used. This method is only helpful and suitable for those who have adopted stubble beard styles for men. It is important to moisturize your face before and after cartridge razor shave to prevent any skin problems or injuries. 

4. Dry shaving

If you have a heavy beard, then it’s advisable to adopt a different shaving method than this one. Dry shaving, as the name suggests, involves no usage of shaving cream or water. Instead, it consists of using a soap, lotion or gel. 

Adopting this technique is recommended only in cases of emergency and not anywhere. It might cause various skin problems which will definitely do you more harm than good. 

5. Electric razor shaving

Shaving using an electric razor has increasingly become the mass’s popular choice and there is no surprise in that. Using an electric razor will render much better results, especially if you have dry and dull skin. 

To get these infallible results, make sure that you are using an alcohol-based pre-electric shave cream before shaving. Not only that, but remember to hold the razor at an appropriate angle so that you are shaving it uprig\ht. 

With that said, let’s look at some of the timeless and effective shaving tips that apply to all the beard and moustache styles for men. 

Tips to Get a Safer, Cleaner and Closer Shave

Here are some tips to get a cleaner shave:

1. Go against the direction of hair growth

If you want a neater and a closer shave, then you can shave against the way the hair grows. Although it is a more obvious tip, many often fail to practice and end up with unexpected results. 

Shaving Ideas For Men
Shaving Ideas For Men

2. Debunk all the myths related to hair growth after shaving

Now, this is one of the most important tips that men need to follow for a better grooming routine. There are a lot of myths surrounding the shaving process which often cause a hindrance to get a cleaner shave. One of the highly repeated shaving myths is that shaving stimulates thicker and faster hair growth, which is certainly untrue. Your hair growth is controlled by internal processes in your body and not external. 

3. Close your pores

In any region on your body with hair, be it your scalp or your face, there is an unspoken rule which demands to be followed every time you wash it or shave it. This unspoken rule is that whenever you wash or shave your hair, first, you need to wash with warm water to open the pores and then rinse with cold water to close the pores. The same logic has to be applied while you are shaving. However, make sure that you apply a hydrating moisturizer after shaving.  

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is one of the most effective processes for removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin. Make sure that before shaving, you exfoliate your skin sometimes, with a facial scrub or cream. 

5. Protect your skin from the sun

Applying sunscreen is extremely necessary after shaving because your skin turns more susceptible. Therefore, you need to protect your skin after shaving by applying sunscreen. 

These are some of the different, unique shaving ideas for men accompanied with some unavoidable shaving tips. Hope it helps you the next time you shave and prevents you from any mishaps. 

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