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9 Best Shaving Tips To Ace The Manly Look

Men, if you are a young adult or above that age bar, you probably are among the bunch who would have or are growing a beard and have taken-off or will be soon taking on their shaving journey. Shaving is a minuscule yet an inextricable part of a man’s life but is of no use if you just intend to haphazardly remove your facial hair. Shaving requires the correct technique and effort to be done impeccably. Hence, if you are looking for some shaving tips, this is the right place for you because shaving tips can teach you the best way to shave and can be your best friend in moments of need. 

9 Best Shaving Tips To Ace 

Here is a set of 9 men’s shaving tips on how to shave that help you get that effortless look.

1. Let your Skin Settle Down

Stop! Don’t rush for shaving first thing in the morning, let your skin settle down. Your face tends to be puffy and sensitive in the morning and hence it is advisable to wait for an hour or so before you begin with your shaving course of the day

2. Hydrate

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! This cannot be stressed enough! You do not want a face looking and feeling like sandpaper after your shave. Hydrating your skin prior to shaving helps minimize nicks, cuts, and irritation during the shave. You can moist your face during your shower or minutes prior to shaving. This softens your skin and eases out your pores and allows an easy shave. You can use an exfoliating face wash to remove the excess gunk in your pores to get smooth skin post-shave.

3. Use a Shaving Foam or Gel

Applying a shaving foam or shaving gel helps in softening the hair to give us the smooth shave. Take the required quantity and spread it all over and lather it up. This eases out the razor glide and protects the skin against razor bumps. 

4. Use Sharp and New Blades

Check out the lubricative layer on your razor once in a while and if it has faded away, it might be time for replacing the cartridge. You should always use a clean and sharp blade for shaving since dull blades can give you a rough shave and in fact, sometimes cause infection if it gets infected or rusted. 

5. Shave with Light Hands

 Men, consider your face a canvas and you the artist. Use soft gentle strokes to shave your face with light hands. It does not mean that you just run the razor on your face without actually shaving, you just need to be gentle with your hands to avoid razor bumps and scars.

6. Clean your Blades 

Instead of vigorously tapping your razor on the edge of your skin, consider keeping it running tap water to clean it. Rinse your blades often to prevent residue build up on it and even after every stroke. But remember to not run it over the same spot repeatedly without reapplying the foam to prevent cuts and scarring.

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7. Shave Against and Towards Growth 

The answer to the never-ending question of shaving towards or against the stubble is both! Facial hair might grow in any direction and hence you will have to adjust it accordingly to your face. To get a clean and smooth shave, consider running your blade against the direction of your growth and then towards your growth until your skin smooths out and you do not notice any stubble. Consider using a razor that comes with easy glide technology to prevent cuts and refrain from using a razor last seen during World War 2. But beware, not to cut your face in the fit of smoothing it. 

8. Reserve the Lip for the Last

The area around your lips is an extremely sensitive part of your face and the hair around it grows thicker than the rest of your face. Hence, you should always shave the area around your lips towards the end to prevent any bruises. Make small strokes with gentle hands and be slow, there is no hurry. If your razor has a precision blade that gives edges, you can even go on to create sharp stylish edges to your facial hair to suit your face. Remember, it is all about rocking that shave.

9. Use an Aftershave or Moisturizer

It is extremely important to use aftershave or moisturizer to protect your skin after the shave. Your skin is bare and raw after a shave and is more prone to infections and pimples. It might as well lose its hydration quickly since there is no hair to lock in the moisture. Hence, you should invest in a good after-shave or moisturizer depending on your skin type and apply it religiously after every shave to get the best results. 

men's shaving tips
men's shaving tips

But, if you have sensitive skin and your skin tends to get red easily after a shave, you can consider using oils. Oils are thicker surfactants and can hold in more moisture than a moisturizer thus locking your moisture in and preventing it from leaking. This will make your skin smooth and supple and prevent any irritation. Men’s shaving is an age-old tradition that has been going on for centuries and will continue to do so. It began with men just clearing out facial hair to prevent uneasiness, but with the advent of times, men have come to style their facial hairs.

Several unique styles have developed and popularized over the last decade and have been used far and wide. Shaving forms important and the most crucial place in men’s routine, it’s the first thing to be noticed when you go for an interview or on a date. You would never want it to go wrong, isn’t it? Hence, these 9 men’s shaving tips is your savior of the time since these could be easily adopted and practiced in your daily shaving routine to get you ready for perfection. So the next time your boss calls for an emergency presentation or there’s a call for the last moment date, you know what to look up for and where. We got your back!

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