Best Workout Apps

Want To Get The Summer Vacay Body At Home? 11 Best Workout Apps For You!

With the clampdown in action due to the pandemic, it is impossible to go to a gym physically and mold your body of dreams. This is when technology becomes your savior. However, browsing through different fitness videos can be a little frustrating because you need to find the right ones for your body. So, if you wish to get that shredded body within no time, here are 11 Workout Apps For You.

Therefore, you need to find the right app that can ensure consistency and discipline. In addition, it will also help you to stick to a fitness as well as nutrition routine with the help of a virtual personal trainer. 

11 Best Workout Apps

Here are some workout Apps for you to get the shredded body within mo time:

1. Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

You can be your trainer or bodybuilder and set your workout routine in this app. With detailed video and text instructions, you will be able to target your specific muscle groups without hustle. This app will provide you with a plethora of workouts, with timers and calendars to track your results over time.

2. Daily Burn Workout App

Best Workout Apps
Best Workout Apps

The Daily Burn Workout app has more than a thousand workout programs for you to choose from as per your preference. What’s interesting is that this app constantly updates new workouts and programs that can help you to get your body in shape. 

Here’s another interesting thing: You can easily sync this app to an AppleTV, Roku, or any other streaming device of your choice. And just with a snap of a finger, you can turn your living room into a fitness studio.

3. Runtastic

With Runtastic, you don’t have to worry about the distance, time, elevations, and calories burned. The app will do that for you. It has a voice coach who will offer audio feedback and store all the necessary details for you to analyze and make decisions. 

4. Nike Training Workout App

Containing more than 180 workout routines, the Nike Training Workout app provides additional information by some of the top trainers and professional athletes. You do not necessarily need all the gym equipment at your house. From yoga to cardio, this app will give you the major burn-in sessions that can last from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. 

5. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

If you do not have much time to squeeze into your busy schedule for fitness, this app is the right fit for you. From 5 minutes to half an hour of workouts, the app will render impactful results on your body. It demonstrates a professional trainer and will help you to target specific muscle groups, not to mention a detailed video guide, timer, and workout schedule. 

6. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach app

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach app is an audio-based app that provides users with a variety of guided workouts with different intensities. It also provides some exciting workout packages and coaches along with fitness trackers and devices that will help you measure your performance.  Be that as it may, PEAR is not entirely a free app. It has a limited selection of workouts and to render maximum benefits out of it, you will have to pay the premium subscription of 5.99$ per month.

7. MyFitnessPal Workout App

MyFitness Pal workout app is one of the best workout apps that you can use. The differentiating quality of this app is that it pairs a workout plan with a nutrition plan. It helps in keeping track of your diet and exercise to reckon your calorie consumption about your body type and the workouts you do. 

Another interesting thing about this app is that users can scan food barcodes to get a clear idea regarding the calorie and nutrition counts. By doing so, the MyFitnessPal workout app enhances your mindfulness regarding your eating habits. When you are aware of what you put in your mouth every day, you are helping your body load and after all, you are what you eat.

8. TRX Workout App

The TRX Workout app contains a plethora of workout videos where every session alternates brief rest periods which generally last for 30 to 45 seconds. You can pick a plan that ranges from 20 to 40 minutes or more than that. Further, you can sync the app with your Apple Watch and make the process of tracking your goals easier. 

9. FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

The opportunity of working out with celebrity trainers and fit celebrities is what makes this app one of the most endearing and exciting ones. You can exercise with the help of video training sessions, set your personal goals and select a workout routine from a range of workouts. Be it a HIIT workout or Pilates, you can showcase your workout results of any workout program on a leaderboard that can motivate you to upgrade your fitness game. 

10. Aaptiv Workout App

To get a clear view on how to set a fitness routine for your body type, Aaptiv Workout app will ask you to take a quick fitness quiz and based on that, help you set your fitness goals. This app has a range of different workouts that you can do on a cardio machine or a yoga mat at home. 

The best part of this app (which is not showcased in any of the apps mentioned in the list): it pairs the audio coaching of the professional trainers with songs. This can help you to stay motivated throughout the workout and not get bored. It also helps in making your workout routine more engaging and exciting. 

11. Map My Run

If running is your forte and not all the workout routine, then Map My Run is one of the best fitness apps for you. It not only helps in tracking and mapping your runs but also other physical activities such as cycling, walking, yoga, cross-training, etc.

You can use a Gear Tracker for tracking mileage and just get going. Workout apps like Map My Run and others mentioned in the list will help you to stay focused and motivated to get your body in shape and achieve your fitness goals. 

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