best new menswear items to buy

19 Best New Menswear Items to Buy During Pandemic To Your Best

We are spoiled for options, be it any of them. The main choices in life are perhaps the girl you want to date, the car you crave to drive, or possibly the world tour you have been yearning for long. If you believe us, we think the biggest choices and the crucial ones will be your wardrobe choices. Few vital pieces build your wardrobe. 

19 Best New Menswear Items

Every man should possess these and it will pledge a successful life and perhaps help you crack the further choices you would put together in your lifetime. 19 best new menswear items to buy which will make you a survivor for the extended term

1. A slim white shirt

New Menswear Items
New Menswear Items

You knew this was approaching. It will and mind you will forever be the spine of your wardrobe. A crisp white shirt will go with your classic jeans to your INR 200,000 suit. Always maintain them slick and never undervalue their worth.

2. White leather sneakers

White leather sneakers
White leather sneakers

The world has seen sneaker resurgence in the current time but if you rely on style icons like Mr. Alexander McQueen or Mr. James dean, you would discover how it has been their biggest trick to men’s fashion styles and to gracefully look cool. Keep them fresh and wear them with roughly everything from your twill chinos to your suit. Yes with your suit too. Just check with your workwear rule book at the office.

3.  Blue slim-cut chinos

Perhaps the only trouser you would ever require, the blue chinos are the best substitute for your jeans or the common suit trousers. This rock-solid clothing piece is your perfect key to sartorial delight. Put it on with your t-shirt, shirts, Bomber jacket and it will likewise do justice with all of them. A crisp pair of glistening brown brogues is the best partner this trouser will ever take pleasure in.

4.  A Denim trucker jacket

The denim followers know what a denim jacket can do to a particularly normal collection. Wear this with your long-line t-shirts, Oxford shirts, or your white shirt for some utmost impact. Some street-style swag? Tie it naturally on your waist or around your shoulders. Go on gents, this one needs your interest

5.  A white Polo T-shirt

A fresh white Polo T-shirt is your rescuer in the latest Men Fashion. It sets off with your Friday gatherings to your summer junkets to your lunches with your buddies. Wear them with your blazer or just basic simple with your denim and chinos. Can drinking be rigidly old Fashioned?

6.  A black t-shirt

A black t-shirt is the bread and butter of your wardrobe armory, no questions asked. A standard crew neck or a V-neck will add loads of glam to any of your looks. Someone suitably mentioned, when in uncertainty go for a black t-shirt.

7. Beige Cotton Chinos

Perhaps the greatest partner for any of your darker tops, the beige chino is your assurance to any wardrobe doubts. A standard slim cut in twill cotton is the ultimate choice. Pair it up with a navy blazer, your Oxford shirts, navy polo. The list of partners for this staple is infinite, make your choice

 8. Dark Slim jeans

A smart pair of denim in a slim cut (no skinny please) is a handy wardrobe essential and also the Best New Menswear Items to Buy. Every contemporary gent should own one pair in tidy and dark shades of Indigo or blues. Dark denim influences giving a strong sense of your character when you pair this with solemn wardrobe numbers like a cardigan or a tweed blazer. 

9. A plaid shirt

This is one of the menswear staples which is going through mayhem and has gradually made it to the capsule wardrobe of a lot of style influencers. A Slim fit shirt cut on a solid twill fabric should be your icon pick. This lets you try out this shirt like a layer over your T-shirt or to be worn undone underneath your denim or leather jacket.   

10. A Navy Double Breasted Blazer

A navy blazer is a standard form of graceful cool and the nautical attitudes of this blazer are age-less. It is also among the Latest Fashion for Men’s party wear. Carry it like a suit, or break down with a beige /white trouser for some off-duty showing off. The effortlessness and the grace of this blazer will make sure that you look on point throughout your summer trip to Cote d’ Azure.

 11. A Grey Suit

Irrespective of where you work and what is the character of your business, a grey suit will forever remain the single most governing color of the suit in your wardrobe.  The no-nonsense vibe of this color is greatly enjoyed with a crisp white or ice blue shirt with a dark navy or a slender black tie.  

12. A Brown Leather Brogue

You will always be distinguished with the kind of shoe game you uphold. To be honest, you need a very firm shoe foundation and if you trust us, this helps in choosing your whole look. A brown brogue shoe in first-class leather is your one distinct powerful shoe type that can raise any look by leaps and bounds. Keep it gleaming and prim and wear it with anything from your navy suit to your ripped jeans 

 13. A White Grandad collar shirt

There will be occasions when you don’t want to be dressed in a collared shirt. Try this swap which will still look on point when grouped with one of your summer deconstructed blazers or with your jeans or with your shorts. Do give them an attempt for a little boho cool vibes and summer chill 

14. A Grey T-shirt

 A simple or a basic grey t-shirt is your daily savior and one of the best New Menswear Items to Buy. A standard crew neck is our personal favorite and when paired with denim, chinos, beneath a blazer or a cardigan, we can guarantee some maximum yet easy sartorial victory

  15. A motif Printed Slim Tie

A Printed Tie Cut on a slim outline is like the cherry on the cake in Men’s fashion ideas. It’s like the finishing stroke to your complete formal ensemble. This is your means to get into the world of blending formals with something absolute rakish. Make your selection but attach the slim tie with a tie pin and we guess you will know how you are going to sway the gala dinner tonight.

16. A Bomber Jacket

What was once a passing fashion is now genuine menswear essential? A bomber jacket bunches an outer layer that looks fine on everyone, so spend in a simple, clean-cut in a dark, adaptable shade.

17. A Pair of Black Wayfarers

The frames that ensemble every face, a pair of classic black Wayfarers should be the basis of your sunglasses collection, helping you remain sharp and squint-free whatsoever the season.

18. A Beige Trench

Ideal for spring, an appropriate double-breasted trench coat will keep away the rain and look as sharp when paired with your suit as it will with a T-shirt and jeans.

19. A Navy Blue Crewneck Jumper

Okay: we did say that the white button-down shirt is the most adaptable item in your wardrobe. But a cotton combine crew neck in a flexible shade of navy can be worn with pretty much everything and will act as a layer in winter and an attribute piece in summer.

With the blitz of so many brands with diverse ideologies, we are sanctified with so many choices. This list is our pick and we believe when combined cleverly with each other, these are the Best New Menswear Items to buy and the type of look every gent should look ahead to.  Preferences will always be there but then we need to cut some slack and go for the pieces which will protect your sartorial style and will keep you intact even at the nastiest of times.  Visualize what they will do in good times.

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