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8 Ways To Style A White Shirt

A white shirt is an essential piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe and is usually perceived as a part of formal outfits only. But this item is much more versatile. A white shirt can be paired with different kinds of bottoms and accessories to make them suit any mood and event you are wearing them too. 

8 Ways To Style A White Shirt

Here are some of the different ways to wear a white shirt. These are some basic and common ideas, but you can get a general idea here and then experiment for yourself and create other ways to wear a white shirt. 

1. White shirt with formal pants

One of the most basic and common ways to style a white shirt is to pair it up with formal pants. Since the shirt is white, it will go along well with any color pants you wear them with, regardless of whether they are light or dark, or even what fabric they are made of. If you want to dress down this very look, you can leave a tasteful amount of your top buttons open (maybe one or two) and roll up your sleeve to just below your elbows. Closed buttons and full sleeves will be appropriate for formal settings. To accessorize, make sure you wear a belt and also make sure that it matches your shoes. This is one of the few hard and fast rules of men’s fashion, especially for formal events. You can still experiment and do something different for non-formal settings though.

2. White shirt under a two or three-piece suit

Another classic style, a white shirt under a suit can never go wrong. Your suit can be of any style, color or fabric, a white shirt will always be the easiest and the most recommended option. This is because the white shirt provides the rest of your clothes a blank canvas on which every color shines out and looks vibrant. And about the texture, a plain white shirt goes well with all, especially a white cotton shirt. For a semi-formal way to wear a white shirt with your suit will be to ditch the tie and keep the first one or two buttons unbuttoned, based on what you are comfortable with. You can change up the collar style too!

3. White shirt with chinos

Styling a white shirt with chinos is a good way of dressing down the usually formal wear a white shirt. Whether you choose to keep your collars buttoned up or not, wearing the white shirt with a pair of chinos will create a semi-formal vibe. You can choose to roll up your sleeves or not, depending on the setting you’re wearing them too. Tucking the shirt in will make a slightly more formal look, and keeping it out will make it more casual. 

4. White shirt with denim jeans

White Shirt
White Shirt

When you want your outfit to look strictly casual even though you have a white shirt on, we suggest you go for a pair of jeans. There is no way a pair of jeans is going to make your ensemble for the day look even a little bit formal. You can try your white shirt with different washes, patterns and silhouettes available in denim jeans and see which ones you like on yourself. Keep the first button unbuttons and sleeves rolled, and your outfit is good to go. If you wish, you even keep the whole shirt buttoned up, it’s really up to you what you feel more comfortable in. Whether you should tuck in your white shirt into your jeans or not, both work well. You can choose what you like. And to see what kind of shoes you would like to wear with this, here is a link to help you out with that. 

5. White shirt with joggers

This is another level of dripping the casual and effortless attitude from your outfit. The crisp white shirt will make you look like you are a well put together person, but those comfortable joggers will make you look more easygoing and chill. It’s a mixed vibe, and honestly, a great way to experiment with typically very different items of clothing. Here is a link where you can check out everything you need to know about joggers and the different styles that they come in. This will help you set up this outfit and any other experiment that you would like to do. 

6. White shirt with shorts

Pairing your white shirt with cotton or denim shorts is a casual way to style a white shirt. It’s appropriate for summers and vacations because of the mobility the outfit will give you, along with it looking really beautiful in the summer sun. Length of the shorts can be according to what you like. We recommend that you do not tuck in the shirt when you’re wearing any shorts. We think it will end up making you look like a schoolboy. But hey don’t let us stop you. If you want to go for that style, then go for it!

7. Throw on a jacket

If it’s a little cold, you can throw on any jacket of yours on top of your white shirt. As mentioned earlier, the white color of the shorts does not interfere with any color or texture. Hence, you can wear any style of jacket you would want. Here is a link to help you see the different types of jackets that are available today, and also other items of clothing which are essential for any man’s wardrobe for the winters.

8. Style a white shirt as a jacket

If you want, you can use any of your shirts as jackets to wear on top of other tops. And since we are discussing different ways to wear a white shirt, they are a blessing for this style. Though for this style, you would want your white shirt to be made of a slightly thicker fabric. This is because, firstly, to do that it doesn’t keep moving with the slightest breeze; and secondly, so that the sleeves of the tee or tank top inside are not visible through your white jacket. You can add accessories to this look if you want to add more style and personality to this outfit.

These are some of the different ways to wear a white shirt. But these are no way the only ways to style a white shirt. Keep experimenting and let us know too!

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