Effective Ways to Create a Connection With Women

Want To Spark With A Lady? 7 Steps To Create A Connection With Women!

One day you get extremely lucky and you meet a woman that you like. So, mustering up all the courage, you initiate a conversation. But, you feel that something is missing from it. That’s probably the emotional connection. 

Women are sentimental creatures who give importance to the emotional quotient of a person when they meet them. Therefore, it’s really important to create a connection with women emotionally, especially if it’s the woman you like. 

Sometimes, the need to build an emotional connection with women may not be prevalent during the beginning of a relationship but somewhere in the middle of it, to save the relationship from going downhill. So, whichever is your case, don’t worry because we have curated some of the most effective ways to create a connection with women that will help you kickstart or save a relationship. 

7 Effective Ways to Create a Connection With Women

Here are some ways to create a connection with women:

1. Communication is the key

Effective communication can only help you to know the person you’ve just met and solve the problems that you’re recently facing with the person with whom you’re going to spend the rest of your life. It’s important to have a good back and forth conversation where nobody is playing the dominant role. Share a piece of your life she’s sharing. Knowing each other well and establishing some commonalities can increase the chances of the woman liking you.

Make sure that you keep all your distractions away. Don’t look at your phone when it beeps or calls, unless it’s urgent. Being mindful of what she’s saying will help you respond to her questions or comment effectively. 

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2. Try to be present at the moment when you’re with her

Making the most of the time when you’re together with her will reinforce the emotional connection with your partner. Binge-watching Netflix or playing video games are per se not bad activities to do together. In fact, they enhance the comfortability of both the partners and get them to open up. However, these are not the activities where you can build an emotional connection with one another.

It’s mainly because you’re not present in the moment and hence nothing meaningful will happen. When you want a future with the woman you like, you must focus on building an intimate connection with women at least in the beginning. So, if you’re still pondering on how to make a connection with women, this tip along with the following tips will certainly help in building one. Continue reading 🙂

3. Don’t hesitate to show your authentic self

Emotional connection is implausible when there is no honesty. Women plan a future with a guy who is honest about his intentions and himself. Nobody likes an imposter who pretends to be a hard-working, determined leader when in actuality he’s living a messed up life and not only fooling others but himself. 

No matter how messed up or exhausting your life is, you must be transparent about it from the beginning. When you get comfortable with the life you’re living, you have the freedom to be yourself unapologetically. And nothing is more attractive than a man who loves himself just the way he is. If you don’t like something you’re doing, then maybe you can mention a way to change it. But don’t hide it or lie about it. 

An emotional connection is, as mentioned previously, is plausible when two people see each other just the way they are without any trammels of changing the other or themselves. Being upfront and confident about the way you make you more open and comfortable in your skin. You remove any pressure of living up to the image because sometimes it just gets too tiring and you’re practically cheating the other person. In that case, there was no emotional connection from the beginning. 

4. Stay by their side during their ebbs and flows

Sometimes the woman you like is suffering from a health condition or someone close to her family is suffering from a severe health condition. Under such circumstances, she would want some form of mental and emotional support. If she tells what she’s going through, then congratulations you’ve got a step closer to winning her heart. But, the journey doesn’t end here. 

You need to be there for her until she gets through this entire health journey as her mental and emotional pillar to whom she can always turn. If she’s the one suffering the life’s blow, you can accompany her to the hospital for taking the tests or search about what she’s going through and help in any way you can. 

If she’s mentally disturbed over the loved one’s ill-health, then you can provide emotional warmth by just listening to what she says and be there. 

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5. Encourage her to be her authentic self

As previously mentioned in the third point, emotional connection precedes honesty and authenticity. If she’s not comfortable opening her authentic self with you. Maybe you can take the initiative and be your authentic self first. Talk about your weird self a bit and make her laugh. Laughter has a domino effect. Once that happens, she’ll slowly open herself to you and will not hesitate to show her vulnerable side. 

6. Don’t hesitate to express what you’re feeling

Expressing your feelings doesn’t only imply romantic. If you’re not comfortable or ready to confess just yet, then don’t. However, there are a few instances where you can express your warmth and your liking towards her. 

For instance, when she meets a health challenge or she’s going through a rough phase in her life, make sure that you tell her how proud you are of her and that she’s going to get through this no matter what. Sometimes, paying genuine compliments out of the blue also hotwires an emotional connection between the two partners. 

7. Express your love unabashedly to create a connection with women

Now, this is a point to be considered for men whose relationships are quite stalemated in the middle and they want to re-spark it. For this, you don’t need some exorbitant gestures. Women appreciate small gestures if they have emotional depths to them. 

For instance, you can prepare a candlelight dinner for her, while playing the playlist that you listened to together during the beginning of your relationship. There’s no better unifier than music!

These are some of the effective ways to create a connection with women. Hope you found it helpful!