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Shabby Beard? 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Beard The Right Way

Beard care is essential if you want to look presentable. How you maintain your beard can tell people a lot about you than you would think. Not only it tells about your general personality, but you can also use your beard to shape your face, match it with your hairstyle, or introduce some style with a moustache. Since a beard is so important, taking care of it becomes important. Despite being just as important as the hair on the head, maintaining and caring for our beards is something which our dads or older men around us don’t teach us about. We are just told about the simple clean shave, or maybe keeping a moustache which we see most of our dads trimming with scissors. 

How to Take Care of Your Beard?

Here is the list of some useful tips to take care of your beard in a right way to look well groomed:

1. Oil it

We have seen ladies around us oil their hair, and it seems like it does a good job. The oil keeps the hair from drying up due to regular washes or pollution when we go out. Specialized beard oils are available in the market which serves this exact purpose. An essential step to take care of beard, beard oil will help the hair to remain soft and keep away the dreaded dandruff.  Beard oils are less sticky compared to traditional hair oils, and thus keep your face from feeling that way, but at the same time, keeping a good oil balance in the beard. To add to that, beard oils come in a variety of fragrances, helping you and your beard to always smell pleasant.

2. Use a shampoo and a conditioner

In addition to using beard oil, beard care also involves using a conditioner for your beard. While taking your shower, use beard shampoo and a beard conditioner to properly cleanse and moisturize your beard hair. Now if you are wondering are there separate shampoos and conditioners for the beard? Yes, there are! It is the same as having a shower gel and a face wash. Cleansers and moisturizers for the face tend to be gentler than the ones made for the general body. You could blame consumerism if you want. But you have to believe that stuff for the face tends to be more nature-based and has less chemical overdose. 

3. Brush it

You could use a comb if you wish to, but a brush is always a better option. A brush untangles the beard hair better and keeps them from getting unruly. You can also use the brush after oiling your beard hair, in order to better spread out the oils and make sure all of it is properly covered. Beard care involves more effort, and hence you need to learn to be patient and gentle with your beard brush, making sure you don’t pull and tug at your hair. One thing to note here is that make sure you clean your brush weekly. This is to ensure that your beard brush does not get dirty, making your beard dirtier every time you use it. Dirt can cause the quality of hair to worsen and cause them to become dry and unruly, and might even be a cause to the problem of beard dandruff.

4. Trim it periodically

An important part of how to take care of your beard involves consistency. You must apply the oils and carry out the cleansing and moisturizing consistency. Along with this, weekly or fortnightly trims, depending on how fast your hair grows, are another important part of beard care. 

Not only does this keep you looking fresh and groomed, but also keep your beard healthy and less dry. Since the ends of the beard hair are away from the oils at their roots, they end us losing their lustre faster and start becoming drier. Using the conditioner and beard oil helps them to stay moisturized, but trimming the extreme ends ensures that their lustrous appearance sustains. Trimming your beard also allows you to even out the length of your beard. All hair does not grow at the same pace, so it helps to trim out the fly offs and some random strands of long hair out of your beard, in order for the whole bunch to look even and clean.

5. Manscaping

Manscaping is a much broader term, and it includes the grooming of your facial hair. There are various methods and tools available, other than just the trimmer to cut and shape them the way you want. You can make sharp angles or try the ultra-cool faded beard styles with all these styling tools. You can make your beard to flatter your face structure, match it with your hairstyle, or introduce some style with a moustache. Also, manscaping does not mean just getting a fancy beard cut. It also means maintaining healthy habits even when doing regular shaves. 

6. Beard and moustache wax

After you have learnt basic beard care about cleansing and conditioning this hair, you must now know how to style your beard but not compromising its health. Using beard and moustache wax is a great product to style your facial, and keeping it moisturized simultaneously. You can tame your beard and even give peculiar shapes, whatever you want. 

7. Eating healthy

Eating healthy is essential for a healthy body and even healthy facial hair. Eventually, everything on your body grows because of your food intake – its quantity and quality. You must learn to eat a balanced diet. It’s the best way to tackle any issue of your body at the root of it. 

As mentioned earlier, beard care, like caring for anything, requires consistency, dedication and sincere effort. No one is born with a perfect beard. Every good beard you see on the street or on your social media explore pages, there is a fair share of hard work that has been put into making it look that perfect way. And if you want that, be ready to put in that work. If you are interested and excited to grow and style your beard, you can check out the popular ways for men to get facial hair faster. Maybe you can get them to grow faster and then move into this super indulgent beard care. 

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