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Do's And Dont's Of Writing A Bio For Dating Apps

When it comes to writing a bio for a dating app, most men trip over. Despite knowing themselves, they find it difficult to summarize what they want from their dating partners or what they like about themselves. However, a bio is an extremely important part of your dating profile. It provides a sneak-peek into your personality and what kind of a person you truly are. So, if a bio is not well-thought and haphazardly written, chances are the person reading it, will definitely sense that and might not even think about approaching you. Or, you might also attract the kind of people that you truly need to run away from in life.

Therefore, bio is of paramount significance, if you want to attract and meet the right kind of people in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the dos and don’ts that you will need if you want a cute bio for dating apps. Read them carefully.

The Do's of Writing a Good Bio for Dating Apps

Here are do's of writing a bio for dating apps:

1. Just Be Original

Your dating profile will be the first and foremost preview of you. Although the process of dating apps might seem unfair to some old souls, it works if you put in a little bit of effort in your dating profile. This means that apart from adding some cool and beautiful pictures of you, you need to write some good lines in your bio which show your true personality.

To do so, you need to show your original and authentic side. Please avoid using lines like, ‘work hard play hard, ‘looking for my partner in crime’, etc. These are some of the lines that clearly show that you are very basic and you are not willing to put in the effort of explaining who you are.

This for women is a major red flag. So, do not turn women off by these basic lines and try to know yourself a bit and what you like. Once you do that, do not be afraid to show that on your bio. You can include an interesting detail of your childhood or your life in general, or maybe even something weird which will invite the person to talk to you.

2. Be Normal

As much as you believe the contrary, women like normal. They like stability, they do not want to go on those so-called ‘adventures’. So you might as well save the trouble of using the clichéd word here and write something that you are comfortable to write about and that you feel is you.

Write about your interests, hobbies, what you like to do, what part of the job you like, maybe a weird detail which is also interesting, etc. Play on this note. You might want to avoid objectifying women or writing sexist stuff about them in your bio. In doing so, you might not find any women approaching you and you might be left wondering about it.

These are the two major things that you need to keep in mind while writing a bio for a dating app. With that said, let us understand what you need to avoid writing in a bio for a dating app. That is more important and a more difficult task to achieve. More often than not, men have fallen prey to these mistakes without realizing that these mistakes have cost them their potential suitors. So, read these don’ts carefully and try to avoid them in the future.

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The Don’ts of Writing a Bio For Dating Apps

bio for dating apps
bio for dating apps

1. Do not Flaunt your Sarcasm

Although this might seem counterintuitive, it is true. People like to claim that they are sarcastic and their sarcasm gives them cool and edgy vibes, it is counterproductive and does not make them original. Everybody is trying to be sarcastic. But in truth, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and you do not want to attract women through this lowest form of wit.

More often than not, people forget the line between being sarcastic and being mean. While writing a bio, all they want is to seem sarcastic but they end up being mean. So, avoid being sarcastic in your bio altogether and just write something light and interesting.

2. Do not Mention the Cliches

One of the most common clichés people use in their bios is their love for ‘adventures’. Contrary to common perception, everyone loves adventures even if their fear allows them to admit it or not.

Perhaps, you can mention specifically which adventure you like the most, but please refrain from mentioning your dating adventures. That might make you look a bit douchey and vain. Another clichéd word that has been gaining traction among a lot of bios for some unknown reason is ‘wanderlust’. If you love traveling just mention it. Do not use a word that seems boring and basic even among young girls.

3. Do not mention ‘Alpha Male’ in your Bio

As much as women like the alpha male personality, they are turned on when they read it being mentioned in a man’s bio. If you are an alpha male, show it through your personality which will be easily reflected in your bio and your dating profile. Do not write it directly in your bio, because it acts as a major red flag for women. 

Moreover, writing ‘alpha male’ in your bio also depicts that you may have fallen prey to toxic masculinity, and instead of attracting more women which you must have thought would be the scenario, you end up otherwise.

4. Do not Talk About your Dogs

Again, this might seem a little off, but nobody wants to read about your dog and how much you like your dog. This piece of information can be saved for later conversations between you and your potential dating partner. 

Moreover, there is no guarantee that every girl looking at your dating profile will also be a dog lover. So, if you are looking for the right dating partner then you need to avoid certain pieces of information which are not relevant to your bio. It has to be short and simple. These are some of the dos and don’ts that you need to follow if you want to write a good bio for dating apps and attract good women.

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