Alpha Male

Alpha, Beta, Omega, Delta Or Gamma Male: Which One Are You?

Since time immemorial, people have always been attracted to alpha males in general due to their confident and rugged exterior. However, with the advancement of time, people, especially women’s preferences and wishes have been gamma males changing. They have started to look out for different types of males and are getting attracted to different personalities, namely alpha, beta, delta, and 

Therefore, if you were under the pressure of not being an alpha, you do not have to worry anymore. You just need to be yourself and embrace the personality you have along with honing it a bit more. Here are some of the common and popular five personality types that men generally possess.

However, before scrolling down to read this article, it is better to know that a man’s life is dynamic and it keeps on changing along with his personality. Therefore, one time you may find yourself being the fearless confident alpha everyone likes, but other times you are the reticent delta. There is no such thing as a good or bad personality. You just have to embrace your own and work towards it.

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5 Different Types of Males 

The five different male personality types have been determined based on the Greek alphabetical system which took the help of science. With the help of this flawless system, men and women will be able to know who they are and will be able to attract the corresponding personality types. For instance, an alpha male personality will always attract a beta female personality.

Therefore, here is a list of five personality types to help you know who you are. Based on this, you will attract women and if you want, you can also change your lifestyle to become a better version of the personalities.

1. Alpha Male Personality

The outstanding qualities of an alpha male personality are self-confidence and a zeal to discover new things in life. More often than not, alpha males are paralleled with the term ‘bad boys’ and are associated with the concept of masculinity.

Alpha Male

An alpha male exudes macho and boss vibes and has a few aggression issues. He can be a bit sexist and demanding at times. In addition to this, he knows very well that he can get any woman that he wishes to, that is, a girl who is subservient and does not portray any alpha features.

An alpha male will have ego issues. So, whenever he is proven wrong, any woman beside him will know that something is wrong with him. Yet, one couldn’t let him go because of his charming personality.

Sometimes, a woman might feel that the alpha male is emotionally unavailable due to the lack of support and comfort she feels whenever she is with him. The perfect example of this one is Ryan Gosling in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ as Jacob Palmer.

2. Beta Male Personality

A beta male personality is collaborative and introverted. Another perfect term for a beta male personality is ‘Mr. Nice Guy’. He is a person who is liked by everybody due to his easy-going personality.

Alpha Male
Beta Male

When it comes to their emotional temperament, they are more sensitive and understanding than alpha males in general. They often take criticism with a good mind and are open when it comes to working upon themselves.

A beta male often stands out due to their introverted and reserved exterior which often reminds one of that one nerdy school guy with huge spectacles and a bag, bullied by some macho guys. However, such bullying incidents might have less or no impact on their lives because they are light-hearted and have an easy-going nature.

More often than not, women tend to prefer beta males more than alpha males, because there will always be a history where a woman’s heart was broken by an alpha. In addition to that, a woman would always see a beta male through the lens of friends rather than a love relationship, in most of the conditions.

The perfect example of a beta male is Chandler Bing from friends.

3. Omega Male Personality

An omega male is often considered to be the eccentric and nerdy guy who often tends to collect coins and comic books. Not only that, but he is also lazy and apathetic in life because he does not care about the world. In one way, he can be called extremely self-absorbed.

Alpha Male
Omega Male 

He also exudes immaturity and irresponsibility. The reason behind this could be his lack of ambition and subservience in college as a result of being picked at or bullied by some macho guys. An omega male is also considered to be highly intelligent as a result of the number of books he is reading, but he does not act upon that because he is lazy and apathetic.

Such guys are often lazy husbands who do not go out of their houses the entire day and spend money on their wives. They do not even help their wives in their household chores.

4. Gamma Male Personality

Gamma males could be considered as the ideal male personality as they are adventurous, fun-loving people who do not forget their duties and responsibilities as omega do, especially when it comes to people who are related to them in any way.

Alpha Male
Gamma Male

More often than not, an alpha male becomes a gamma male with the advancement of age. Not only that, but they are sensitive and understanding of their partner’s needs. Women also find themselves to be lucky when they are a gamma male in their lives.

In addition to that, a gamma male personality is often paralleled to a dandy-ish personality, as they exude some feminine behaviors and values when it comes to impressing their partners or their crush.

5. Delta Male Personality

A delta male generally displays aloof and reticent characteristics. A delta male was considered to be an alpha or gamma once in their life but a heart-wrenching tragedy or a devastating rejection might have led to the excursion.

Alpha Male
Delta Male 

A delta male is filled with resentment towards something or the other and because of which they have a careless attitude where they don’t care about others. They are often caught in a dilemma when it comes to going to social gatherings as they like to be in their own space.

To an alpha, beta, or gamma, a delta male might seem extremely boring who does not have anything interesting going on in his life.

Be it any male personality, alpha, beta, or gamma male personality, you need to focus on whether it is not overpowering other people or letting other people down. That might seem too selfish or self-absorbing!

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