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Popular Ways Of Grooming & Trimming Eyebrows For Men

Eyebrows are certainly one of those features on a man’s face that everybody pays attention to, right at the first sight. Unruly or badly shaped eyebrows might be a distraction for some. You trim your facial hair regularly or your beards, but what about your eyebrows? It is common for men to ignore styling their eyebrows since the more important features like the beard and the moustache always take over.  It’s equally important to keep trimming eyebrows as well.

Ways to Groom Male Eyebrows Perfectly

There are many ways on how to groom male eyebrows, some easy and some a little difficult. Let us have a look at some of them: 

1. Brushing

All hair needs to be brushed up regularly, just like the ones on your head. You can use a small comb, like the ones we use to brush our moustaches, and brush your eyebrows upwards. This helps in keeping men’s eyebrows in shape and prevents them from looking shabby too often.

2. Trimming

Using a pair of scissors or maybe an electric trimmer to trim your eyebrows weekly is the easiest way to maintain eyebrows and make them look decent. You can easily use a scissor used for hair, like a moustache scissor, and use a brush to comb the hair upwards and then trim the ones that appear to be longer than the rest of seeming unkempt.  

3. Waxing

Some men do not feel like trimming eyebrows on their own or can’t do it themselves. Well, also it’s usually always nice to just sit down and let someone do the grooming for you, it just relaxes you in a very comforting way. Waxing is the most reliable method for hair removal and lasts for a longer time comparatively.

Male Eyebrows Perfectly
Male Eyebrows Perfectly

Many men have joint eyebrows or uneven hair in the middle of the two eyebrows, and waxing can definitely be a good way to get rid of them. Waxing can be done at home using wax kits available in the market. However, trimming men’s eyebrows themselves can be one tedious task and is bound to not turn out to be perfect, at least not in the first few tries.

Hence, it is recommended that if you go for waxing, a salon would be the perfect option. However, the choice would certainly vary from man to man, since most men generally do not prefer going for waxing as it makes them lose almost all the hair, even the essential ones which look good on them, hence they prefer trimming eyebrows instead.

4. Threading

Eyebrow threading for men might sound like a painful idea on the onset, but threading is surely a fruitful way to remove unwanted hair from most sensitive body parts. It provides more precision than almost all other hair trimming methods. Threading is done using small, cotton threads to catch and pull out tiny hair. 

Of course, threading requires visiting a professional, but it is for sure, the best method for somebody who is regularly trimming eyebrows and is okay with it. Threading is very easy and not as risky as compared to waxing. It can be done by men who need to maintain eyebrows at all times. 

5. Tweezing 

Tweezing is the process of plucking individual hair from your eyebrows using a pair of tweezers. It’s quite affordable, since you can do it all by yourself, and all it requires is a pair of tweezers. Tweezing is by far the most popularly used method by men for eyebrow trimming. However, it might not be the best of options when it comes to removing very small or minimal hair or just the stray follicles that fall out and look different than the other hair.

Important Things you should remember about Trimming Eyebrows

Grooming male eyebrows is quite a task but at the same time easy, affordable and adorns the beauty of the face. Some things to remember for trimming eyebrows:

  • Be careful in choosing your products

If you’re using any types of products for your eyebrows, be careful in choosing the ones that suit your skin and your hair growth. Precision eyebrow trimmers available in the market are also a good choice for men, especially for the removal of unwanted hair from your face. An eyebrow gel or an eyebrow comb can also be bought along with other tools. These few tools can help you make an eyebrow grooming kit for yourself, that you can use every time you feel like your eyebrows are growing out of the way, or aren’t looking good, or it would be just the best if you choose to do your trimming regularly.

  • Shaving might not be such a good option

Shaving eyebrow hair sort of fastens the hair regrowth process, and you would be required to shave them regularly if you shave them once. Also, it is a general observation that hair, once shaved, tends to grow rougher and that doesn’t look really good, to be honest. 

  • Leaving some greys adds to your charm

While trimmed eyebrows look beautiful, bushy eyebrows are also in trend these days. They look unattractive in neither men nor women. Bushiness adds a distinctness to some men’s faces and they might not wanna get rid of them, even rightly so.

Male Eyebrows Perfectly
Male Eyebrows Perfectly

We want to let you know that it’s completely alright if you want your eyebrows to look bushy and like them like it. A little maintenance is all you need, and you are good to go. 

Understand  your hair growth, make your choice

Every man needs to do his own research, understand the nature of his facial skin and hair, and then adopt a method for eyebrow trimming. It must be made sure that nothing is overdone, and hence, approaching a professional might be a  better option. But then again, it’s always up to an individual, and some might feel that they are better equipped to do their eyebrow grooming themselves.  

No set of rules apply to every man, and different shapes or styles of eyebrows might suit men with different facial shapes. Hence, it is for you to decide what looks the best on you. To conclude, eyebrows are definitely one of the most essential parts of your body that can make you look attractive and more decent. Maintaining them is also no biggie, just a little bit of commitment, and you’re done! The choice is for you to make: trimming eyebrows or not trimming them. We hope these little tips and tricks help if you decide to pay attention to your eyebrows and tend to give them regular maintenance.

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