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This Summer Jazz Up Your Wardrobe: 6 Ways To Style Linen Shirts

Linen is an excellent fabric to be worn in summers. Its exquisite absorbent and lightweight quality keeps you cool and confident in the hot weather. This natural fabric is known for its soft and breathable characteristics which make it ideal for you to wear.

However, you have to take utmost care when you have to style linen shirts as they can be easily crumpled and make your entire attire look from debonair to dirty and unkempt. However, before you think about how to style linen, you need to know which type of linen shirt you are looking for and which one will suit you the best.

First things first, whenever you are shopping for linen, always look for a slimmer fit and one with short sleeves. A slim fit with short sleeves will give you a perfect structured look that is neat and chic. If you are going out on a social gathering with this type, those short sleeves will not emanate those beachy vibes. 

Next, the color. More often than not, linen shirts are available in white. These give a chic and stylish edge to your attire. However, you can now find linen shirts in a plethora of colors ranging from navy blue, green, orange, yellow, etc. Not only that, but these linen shirts are also available in tie-dye. 

The third way you can style a linen shirt is by wearing a short, box-cut shirt. This will give a casual vibe that will be extremely comfortable and easy to wear. However, some people also buy baggy linen shirts and then tuck them in. This is a professional look that can only be pulled off by some people. 

What To Wear With Linen Shirts And How To Style Them?

Now that we know different ways to style linen, let us understand what to wear with linen shirts.

1. Linen shirt and jeans

Style Linen Shirts
Style Linen Shirts

A linen shirt and jeans are like the most staple and perfect combo for a casual get-together or a social gathering. For this outfit, you just need to take a pair of slim-fit jeans and style them with your linen shirt. A linen shirt with long sleeves is preferable. You can wear black or blue jeans in contrast with these linen shirts. Finish the look with casual Oxfords and you are good to go! 

It is simple, stylish and a perfect example of less is more!

2. Linen shirt and shorts

Styling linen shirts with shorts is a perfect example of a casual beach look that will never fail you if you get your shorts right. While buying shorts, remember that you get a pair that cuts slightly above your knees. This will give a clean and stylish look.

On the other hand, when you are buying a linen shirt, make sure that they are not too loose or baggy. It will ruin your look. Just buy the slim-fit one as it will enhance your structure. If you are going on to a beach for a vacation, you can play with different colors when it comes to buying linen shirts and shorts. This will make you look cool and stylish. 

3. Linen shirt and chinos

Style Linen Shirts
Style Linen Shirts

Linen shirts and chinos give you the smart, stylish yet casual look that you would like to emanate especially during summers. When you are buying the chinos, remember to look for lighter colors such as khaki or cream. Contrast it with the summer colors such as yellow, navy blue when you are buying linen shirts. 

You can style the linen in your way while wearing chinos. You can roll up the sleeves or keep it down, as per your preference. If you want to make it more stylish, you can simply wear a t-shirt beneath the linen shirt and open the buttons. This will give you cool and confident summer vibes.

4. Linen shirt and jacket

Believe it or not, wearing a jacket with a linen shirt can make you look the most stylish person in the room if you know how to style it perfectly. You do not style a linen shirt with a tuxedo jacket, that is a big no-no!

However, you can style a linen shirt with a cardigan, field jackets, bomber jackets, and even a leather jacket. While you are styling it, make sure that your linen shirt is not too long. It should be the perfect short and box cut size as mentioned earlier. Otherwise, a too-long line shirt will require you to tuck it in and this will not go well with the jacket. 

5. Linen shirt and suit

Although the lecture and quality of a linen suit are completely different from that of a suit, you will be able to pull it off if you get the size right. Make sure that you wear a slim-fit shirt with short sleeves. Not only that but this time you will need to tuck your shirt for a cleaner look.

While you are pairing a linen shirt with a suit, make sure that the colors are complementing and each other and not contrasting. For instance, if you have a white linen shirt, then pair it with a navy blue suit. Once you get the knack of how to color contrast and complement, you will be able to rock in the shirts and suits.

6. Linen shirt and trousers

Wearing linen shirts with tailored trousers is the perfect example of mixing the casual with the professional. Nowadays, people are not following the strict code of formal dressing in the professional arena. Instead, they have mixed the styles of casual formal looks and made them more stylish.

So, if you are looking to follow the same path, this is the perfect head start. While styling a linen shirt with trousers, make sure you tuck it in and keep the sleeves down. However, you might be worried a little regarding the wrinkles which will appear sooner rather than later after wearing a linen shirt. 

You cannot do anything regarding the wrinkles of the linen shirt as it is completely dependent on the fabric. However, if you are a strict person who likes to keep your clothes very neat and wrinkle-free, then you might need to explore other options for dressing in a formal setting. 

These are some of the tips to style linen shirts that are extremely soft and breathable. A perfect go-to for summers!

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