wheelbarrow sex position

A Guide To Master The Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again tires you up and you are too bored to repeat the grind again. However, when it comes to your sexcapades, you should definitely refrain yourself from giving up entirely and bring some novelty to your bedroom.

Introducing and practicing new sex positions can help you keep the spark between you and your partner alive. It also helps you in stimulating the relationship and might even strengthen your bond. You might even discover your erogenous zones which you were unaware of through some crazy sex positions like wheelbarrow sex position.

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What is the Wheelbarrow Sex Position?

As the name suggests, couples practicing wheelbarrow style in bed create a wheelbarrow-like shape. In this position, women, who are generally the receiving partners in heterosexual relationships, have to stay on the floor in a plank-like position. Their legs will be held by the giving partner who will be standing behind them. The wheelbarrow position is practiced when the couples want to experience deep thrusting or deep anal penetration.

This position is one of the craziest of all and requires a lot of practice to get comfortable with it. The receiving partner needs to have a lot of arm strength and core strength. While doing this position, make sure your partner does not sink into the floor, no matter how tempting it becomes, because that would put an end to your pleasure game.

What Benefits does the Wheelbarrow Style Ensure?

More often than not, practicing the hackneyed missionary, cowgirl or other vaginal penetrative sex positions, can often make it difficult to reach orgasms. Moreover, as they are so commonly followed, it also makes the discovery of certain erogenous zones difficult in your body.

Wheelbarrow position is one of the most versatile sex positions which help you in unravelling some of the hard-to-reach erogenous zones. The most interesting thing about this position is that if you get the hang of it, you might also be able to enjoy the G-spot or prostate stimulation, due to its deep penetration.  

If you want to sexually satisfy a girl, then this is your key. The female G-spot is 3 inches from the vaginal opening, which is hard to reach in a missionary position. With the perfect angle that the wheelbarrow provides, you might also touch the elusive G-spot and be the ultimate master of bed.

How To Master It?

The Wheelbarrow position is an intermediate position whose mastery depends upon the level of arm strength the giving partner has. To do it perfectly, the giving partner has to stand on their legs with knees slightly bent. The receiving partner has to stay on the ground, balancing their stance with the help of their hands on the ground in the form of a plank. Her legs will be held by the giving partner on each side of his waist. Here, either the giving partner can continue to hold their legs, mid-thigh or at the bottom of their waist, or the receiving partner can wrap her legs around the waist of the giving partner.

The latter option is a little bit advanced which will be achieved through practice. Once you get the angle correct, you can begin thrusting in the vagina or if you want a deeper penetration, you can always go for anal sex. In homosexual relationships, the giving partners can always use a dildo or a wand for deep penetration.

Moreover, it is important to shift positions often, allowing the partner who is on the ground to lift their head, which is always hung low in this position. In doing so, blood circulation returns to normal. If the receiving partner’s arms get tired too fast, then he or she can use a pillow or a blanket for support. In addition to this, if the giving partner’s back starts to ache, then they can lean against the wall or a countertop for more support.

Is there a Difference Between a Kneeling Wheelbarrow and a Wanton Wheelbarrow?  

Yes, there is. Kneeling wheelbarrow and Wanton wheelbarrow are two modified forms of intermediate traditional wheelbarrow sex position. The former is one of the styles to start for beginners whereas the latter is a more advanced style.

Kneeling Wheelbarrow

In this position, instead of standing on their legs in the traditional version, the giving partner would be on his knees. The receiving partner would still be using their arms for balancing in the form of a plank, but this position helps the couple to stay longer on the ground and provides them with more support. However, while thrusting, the giving partner might feel some pressure on their knees, so it is advisable to put some pillows underneath them.

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Wanton Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow style
wheelbarrow style

This is one of the most challenging and advanced sex positions, which requires a lot of strength and flexibility. In this position, the giving partner requires to stand on his legs and the receiving partner, in a plank position. The variation is the receiving partner is required to raise one leg and rest it on the giving partner’s shoulder.

In the beginning, you and your partner might feel a bit uncomfortable and also experience some pain. But you need to immediately stop practicing this position when you or your partner feels intense pain in your sex organs or any part of the body.

What are the Possible Risks involved in Wheelbarrow Sex Position?

wheelbarrow sex position
wheelbarrow sex position

As mentioned earlier, to pull off this move you and your partner require some significant amount of strength, flexibility and fitness. However, you also need to be aware of some of the possible risks involved while practicing this style otherwise it might lead to some organ damage.

While practicing this, make sure you have enough cushioning around your knees or on the ground, because there is a high possibility that you might fall and hit your face on the ground. It is also very important to get your angles right. Always start with the beginner’s level and then slowly upgrade your levels. Jumping to the wanton style will only hurt you more. Sex is more about pleasure and less about pain.

Any new sex position is a bit tricky and uncomfortable at first. However, it is very important to get the consent of the other partner and then move on to try. Have an open conversation with your partner regarding the different variations of your sex positions and discuss which one you should try.

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